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37 Homemade Cocktails

If you’re like me, by the end of the day, you’re ready to kick off your shoes and take a few minutes to relax. I also enjoy having a drink or two during those few beautiful, fleeting moments of relaxation.  Did you know that adults who drink moderately (1-2 drink daily for women and 3-4 drinks for men) maintain healthier, longer lives than from those who abstain? (source)  According to several studies, that is true.  

I have asked the best bloggers I know to share their favorite homemade cocktails and mixed drinks, and compiled a mouth-watering list below.  There are 37 to choose from — enjoy! 

Champagne Margarita 4

Champagne Margaritas

by The Kitchen is My Playground

Perfect for New Years, or any day of the week, these are made with tequila, champagne and triple sec, with a little extra flavor that you’ll love. 

Top Shelf Margarita 4

Top Shelf Margarita 

by The Kitchen is My Playground

Two kids of tequila, with Grand Marnier, lime juice and triple sec… it’s hard to go wrong with this drink! 

Chocolate Martini 3

Chocolate Martini

by The Kitchen is My Playground

Sounds perfect for a date night! 


Summer Goddess Cocktail 

by Tags Thoughts

A blend of summer juices, sparkling water and silver tequila is perfect for a warm summer night! 


Strawberry Mango Margarita 

by A Cedar Spoon

Fresh strawberries and mangoes, not to mention tequila make these refreshing and fruity margaritas! 


Strawberry Sangria 

by A Cedar Spoon

 This is a semi-homemade sangria that is quick to put together and looks refreshing! 


Mint Cookies and Stout Shake

by Melanie Makes

This would be the perfect drink for St. Patrick’s Day!  Made with Irish cream, stout beer and some mint chocolate chip ice cream! 


Grapefruit & Elderflower Cocktail

by Happy Hour Projects

 Pink grapefruit juice, a homemade simple with a special vodka blend makes a beautiful and sophisticated cocktail! 


Blackberry Vanilla Cocktail

by Happy Hour Projects

This beautiful cocktail is made with muddled blackberries, a handmade vanilla simple syrup and vodka.  Yum! 


Lemon Basil Gimlet

by Happy Hour Projects

Made with a citrus vodka, homemade basil simple syrup and some lemon juice, this is a citrusy and fresh cocktail to enjoy on a warm evening.


Tropical Paradise

by In the Kitchen with Jenny

Escape to a tropical place in your own home with this fruity, rum-based drink! 


Blue Bomb Drink 

by In the Kitchen with Jenny

Only two ingredients are used in this bright blue bomb drink!  


Strawberry Shortcake Martini 

by Delightfulemade

A festive and fun martini made from flavored vodka, cream liquor and real strawberries! 


Chocolate Cake Martini 

by Delightfulemade

Have your cake and drink it too!  This delicious martini looks too good to drink! 


Melon and Mint Mojitos 

by Delightfulemade

Two kinds of melons, fresh mint leaves and rum go into this homemade and fresh drink! 


Sweetheart Martini 

by DebCB

 A quick and tasty drink that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or a date night with your special someone! 


Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream

by DebCB

 Don’t want to spend $20 on a bottle of Baileys? Make your own! 


Blackberry Vodka Sangria

by Snappy Gourmet

A blend of fresh blackberries, sweet red wine and blackberry vodka! 


Lime Batido

by Snappy Gourmet

This unique drink is made from lime juice, rum, coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk.  Yum!


Crash and Burn 

by Ann’s Entitled Life

 A combination of three juices are used in this smooth and appropriately named cocktail!


Caribbean Nights Cocktail

by Ann’s Entitled Life

Smooth, tropical and delicious – a blend of pineapple an orange juice with triple sec and vodka. 


Ruby Relaxer 

by Ann’s Entitled Life

Here is a fun and fruit cocktail to enjoy by the pool! 


Mint Chocolate Chip Bailey’s Milkshake

by Family Food and Travel

A sweet and light milkshake drink with Bailey’s and ice cream.  Great for St. Patrick’s Day! 


Fresh Cherry Mojitos 

by Hezzi-Ds Books and Cooks

 Fresh summer cherries, mint leaves, and rum will give this homemade cocktail some amazing flavor! 


Caramel Macchiato Martini 

by Hezzi-Ds Books and Cooks

 Salted karamel vodka, freshly brewed coffee and bailey irish cream.  Tastes like a dessert! 


Pineapple Mojito Recipe 

by Gretas Day

 This stout and fresh cocktail is made from pineapple moonshine, fresh mints and club soda. 


Peppermint Martini 

by This Mama Loves

A minty and fresh martini made from vodka and peppermint schnapps! 


Chocolate Tiramisu Martini

by This Mama Loves

 Like the delicate and divine dessert, but with booze.  It’s pretty much a win-win. 


 Organic Screwdriver

by Newlywed Survival

Why not make your drinks organic too?  Here is a sweet screwdriver made from organic vodka and orange juice! 


Pomegranate Moscow Mule

by A Simple Pantry

 The drink itself is gorgeous, and with a unique combination of vodka, ginger beer and pomegranate juice, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 


Pomegranate Cosmopolitan 

by A Simple Pantry

This simple, yet classy cosmo is the perfect drink for a girls’ night! 


 Cranberry Mojito

by A Simple Pantry

This would be great around Thanksgiving, when fresh cranberries are in abundance! 


Tuscan Surprise with Veev Acai Liquor 

by Seduction in the Kitchen 

The first whiskey cocktail to make the list looks like a good one!  Mixed with pineapple juice and Veev Acai, I can’t wait to try it! 


Jalapeno & Citrus Margarita 

by Keep it Simple Sweetie Blog 

 This is my kind of margarita!  Made with a simple syrup, fresh lime and orange juice, and some sliced jalapenos (let’s not forget the tequila).  This is happening during our next Cinco De Mayo!


Ginger Lemon Cocktail

by Offtract

A healthy cocktail with elderflower liquor, mineral water and ginger beer, makes a simple and nutritious drink! 


Lilac Margaritas 

by Offtract

 This gorgeous combination would be an elegant drink to serve at a wedding shower or special event! 


 Make Ahead Freezer Strawberry Margaritas 

by Tammilee Tips

Fresh strawberries, tequila and lime juice go into these make-ahead strawberry margaritas.  Perfect for a fun girl’s night! 


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  1. Erin says:

    I love all these “Healthy” cocktail recipes. I’m just now embarking on a clean eating lifestyle and have already seen the effects in just 4 short days. I’d really love to try some of the above recipes but wanted to make sure that the concoctions were considered “CLEAN”. If so i’ll be one happy lady!!!

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