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Recipes Using Flour Tortillas

I am a huge fan of flour tortillas.  I make or buy them weekly, and they are used for a whole variety of uses in my home.  

Flour tortillas are a blank canvas.  They’re more pliable than a piece of bread, which lends great to baked foods or wraps.  They also happen to fry perfectly, giving any dish a crunchy and crispy exterior.  They are the perfect size to stuff with any variety of ingredients (burritos, fajitas, tacos), and they also lay flat, making them perfect for casseroles or enchiladas. 

Flour tortillas are easy to find at the market, but I love mine fresh.  There is a local market that makes them daily, and they’re usually still warm when I pick them up.  If I am in a hurry, or have a busy week, I will pick up a pack of those tortillas, and use them throughout the week.  If I have more time, I will make my tortillas from scratch (they’re super easy and only call for three ingredients), which are perfect fresh off the griddle.  

I asked some friends and searched the internet for the best recipes using flour tortillas, and am sharing them (with permission) below.  These recipes are as versitile as the flour tortilla itself.  From breakfast to dinner to dessert, there is a yummy way to use flour tortillas in your next meal! 

What are your favorite uses for flour tortillas?

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