Hearty Winter Soups

Hearty Soups for Winter

One of my favorite things about colder weather is an excuse to eat soup.  I love the process of making soup, how it fills my home with warmth and such wonderful smells… and of course, eating it is my favorite part.  And there is such variety in soups!!  You can turn your favorite casserole or main dish into a soup, if you have a creative mind and a little bit of time. 

Soups make such wonderful leftovers, too.  I will usually make a large batch of a soup on Sunday, and enjoy the soup for lunch, throughout the week.  

I asked some of the best cooks and bloggers I know, to share their favorite hearty soups for winter, and they provided some wonderful recipes.  Below, you’ll find a huge variety of 35 soups that will fill your home with warmth, and fill your belly with happiness. 

If you find yourself stuck in a dinner rut, or don’t know what to make, check out these recipes.  I’m sure you’ll find one that your family will love! 

Do you have a favorite hearty soup for winter that you like to make?  Please share it in the comments! 

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