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5 Steps to Simplify Your Life |

August 2nd – 8th is National Simplify Your Life week, so I have put together a great list of 5 easy steps to simplify your life!  

These are simple and easy things you can do that will make life a little bit easier, everyday, so you can spend your time doing what it is you really love.  For me, that is spending more time with my daughter and newborn son 🙂 

I have also included a few things that have a positive impact on the environment, so while you are making positive change in your life, you can help provide positive change for everyone!  

Get Your Clothes Ready at Night

Mornings around my house are chaotic. I am usually up by 6 am so that I can get myself ready, get my two kids ready, prepare healthy breakfast and snack foods for the day, and get out the door to take my kids to daycare and get myself to work on time.  Every spare minute counts in the morning, so I have found it is super helpful to get our clothes picked out and ironed in the evenings.  In the morning, we put on our clothes and we’re ready to go! 

Switch to Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue

Toilet paper is one of those things that every household needs, and we buy it, week after week, without thinking too much about it.  But, if you thought there couldn’t be innovation in toilet paper, think again.  After 100 years of toilet paper staying pretty much the same, Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue has revolutionized it, in a very green and environmentally-friendly way, while still keeping the same softness and strength you have grown to trust from Scott. 

With Scott’s Tube-Free Tissue, you can use every bit of the toilet paper, with nothing to throw away! 

Simplify Your Life with Scott |

Although the tubes in bath tissue are small, the amount the U.S. uses annually is not!  In fact, over 17 billion toilet paper tubes are disposed of each year.  To give a visual, that is enough to fill the Empire State Building twice! Imagine if even half of the U.S. switched to Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue this year, how much trash we could keep out of the landfills!  

To get an idea of the personal impact you can have by switching to Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue, check out their site (they have a cool widget that will calculate your family’s use!). I used Scott’s Local Retailer Locator and found that they had Scott Tube-Free Bath Tissue in stock at my local Walmart! 

Tube-Free Toilet Paper from Scott |

Click here to get a Scott Coupon, so you can try it in your home! And here is a video that demonstrates how Scott Tube-Free can be used in your home: 

Scott Man on the Street video

Prepare Double or Triple Protein when Cooking, for Later Use

Providing home-cooked meals saves money, and is a healthier choice to eating out.  However, it can be time-consuming!  One of the ways I have found to simplify meal times is to prepare two or three times the amount of a protein I am cooking with, so I can use it for 2 or 3 meals during the week.  

Jambalaya |

If on Monday I make chicken enchiladas, I will cook double the amount of chicken I need, then I have cooked chicken ready to go for jambalaya on Wednesday! Or, I could use the leftover chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches for lunch throughout the week.  By cooking extra protein, you have half of your next meal ready to go.  

Make a To-Do List

I know not all people are list makers, but I really feel making a to-do list can be valuable for everyone.  Grab a notebook, get a whiteboard for your fridge, or a chalkboard by the front door, and make a to-do list of important things you need to get done.  That way, you don’t spend your time wondering if you’ve forgotten an obligation.  Knowing what you have on your radar also helps you plan your time more efficiently and not get upset or derailed by forgotten commitments. 

Turn off Electronics an Hour Before Bed

This one is hard for me, as a blogger, graduate student, and mom.  I usually have my phone within arm’s length of me, at all times.  But, many recent studies show that screen use before bed time can cause a myriad of issues, including making it harder to fall asleep, and making you more fatigued the next day.  Simplify your sleep by turning off electronics, and opt for a paper-book instead, one hour before bed. 

What steps do you take to simplify your life?  Join in the discussion by leaving a post below! 

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