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When I first learned about essential oils, several years ago, I briefly got wrapped up into a sales team, and signed up to be a distributor, “for the discount”, but was still paying $25+ for bottles of  non-organic essential oils.  It didn’t take me long to venture away from that brand, and do independent research into the quality of essential oils.  I also noticed the company was advocating for internal use of essential oils, which I believe to be unsafe, and that really bothered me.

Since then, I have found that much less expensive brands are just as high quality as the pricier brands. The most recent affordable essential oils I have tried is Simply Earth EOs

Affordable Essential Oils: Simply Earth

Affordable Essential Oils | homemadeforelle.com

Simply Earth is on a mission to provide essential oils around $6 a bottle.  Yes, believe it or not, they do have bottles for sale as low as $4.99!  As someone who has paid a LOT more for pure essential oils, I have a feeling you’re going to as excited about these affordable essential oils as I was. 

Another wonderful mission of Simply Earth is they provide 13% of their profits to end human trafficking.  Why 13%?  Because the average age of people that enter into slave trade is 13. 

What I thought

From purely a price point, these are the cheapest essential oils I have found!  I love that more people are going to be able to make homemade beauty products and natural cleaners, because Simply Earth makes affordable essential oils. 

What about quality?  Well, I don’t have a laboratory to conduct independent tests, but the quality seems right on par with $25 bottles I have.  The aroma smells pure and pleasant.  They are in glass jars, filled to the top.  I would gladly use these essential oils in my homemade recipes! To find Simply Earth essential oils, and help support the effort to end human trafficking, check out their bottles on amazon.

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