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All Natural Shampoo

It wasn’t but a couple years ago that I learned about how toxic most of the commercial beauty products were.  It is really absurd what chemicals are allowed to be present in products that we are putting onto our bodies (especially considering how much of those chemicals our skin absorbs!).  

Since then, I have been on a quest to eliminate the toxic products from my home.  I make as much as I can, whenever is practical.  When it’s not, I do research into the brand and the ingredients, to make sure it is safe for my family and me. 

There is a wonderful website created by the Environmental Working Group that makes the process of finding safe beauty products, super easy.  They have a rating guide that tells you if a product is low, moderate or high hazard to your health.  


If you haven’t already, go ahead and visit the link above, and search for some of the products in your bathroom.  I think you’ll be surprised at how toxic those products are.  But, the good news is that you can either make your own products, or find companies that actually care about consumer’s well-being (more than they do a profit), and become more conscientious in your purchasing decisions. 

Make Your Own All Natural Shampoo

If you’re feeling ambitious, there are numerous different ways to make your own all natural shampoo at home.  Here are a few I have tried: 

Want to Buy it Made?

I went in search of the best commercial, all natural shampoos, and these are the brands that were rated the highest.  They all have an EWG score of 0 – 1, so they are safe! 

  • Babo Botanicals Oatmeal Calendula Moisturizing Baby Shampoo – $11.07 for an 8 oz bottle – A gentle, plant-based shampoo that soothes and nourishes.  The addition of oatmilk helps comfort skin suffering from eczema dry patches, and the calendula oil is known to help sooth scalps with cradle cap or dry patches.  Contains certified organic nutri-soothe blend rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. 
  • Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo – $14.10 for a 13 oz bottle – Contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, neem seed oil and Japanese honeysuckle.  This natural shampoo keeps curls frizz free and shiny. Moisturizing coconut oil and shea butter adds rich moisture to dry hair. 
  • Acure Organics Shampoo with Pure Mint and Echinacea Stem Cell – $9.95 for an 8 oz bottle – This natural shampoo adds volume without stripping your hair of its natural oils, or creating build-up. The Echinacea stem cell promotes cellular regeneration at the root level.
  • Exactly Organics Tea Tree Sulfate-Free Shampoo – $17.99 for an 8 oz bottle – The addition of tea tree oil helps this shampoo gently clean and soothe the hair and scalp of impurities.  The added aloe vera and organic botanical extracts help to normalize, while the pro-vitamin B5 strengthens and protects your hair. 
  • Primal Life Organics Shampoo Bar – Lavender – $10.50 for 1 bar – This organic shampoo comes in a bar.  It’s handcrafted in small batches, and is paleo and gluten-free. Made from 100% natural plant and vegetable oils that are easily absorbed to nourish your hair and scalp
  • Aveeno Baby Organics Harvest Wash and Shampoo – $5.80 for an 8 oz bottle – Made from 70% organic ingredients for sensitive skin.  It’s fragrance-free and allergy tested.  It’s gentle enough for babies, but adults can use it too! 
  • Juice Organics Shampoo with Pomegranate – $8.99 for a 9.92 oz bottle – This shampoo hydrates and repairs dry, color treated or damaged hair with nourishing organic pomegranate and aloe juices.  It also includes smoothing organic shea butter, linseed and olive oil and gentle plant sudsers.  

Have you ever made your own shampoo? What is your favorite all natural shampoo?

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2 Responses to All Natural Shampoo

  1. Danielle K. says:

    I love Shea Moisture products! They all (mostly I think) score a 0-2 on EWG and are made with wonderful things like coconut, hibiscus, frankincense, and myrrh. And they are excellent for my daughter’s super curly hair as they have lots of products specifically for curly hair. My Target carries a ton of Shea Moisture products, so it’s always easy to pick it up there (and sometimes they even have Cartwheel offers for it).

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