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Invensive Baby Balm

I make a lot of my own homemade body lotions and balms, but sometimes I love trying out what other people are making to see how they work on my family.  One product I have been wanting to try is Avishi Organics Intensive Baby Balm.

This baby balm is made to provide relief from severely dry skin, skin that is irritated or prone to rashes.  I wish I had this when my daughter was a baby! She always had some rash, eczema patch or skin ailment for the first 2 years of her life.  I am also careful about the kind of products I put on my children (and myself, for that matter), so I love choosing natural body care items.

About Avishi Intensive Baby Balm

First, it smells amazing.  It smells like natural ingredients, which I always prefer over synthetic smells that most commercial balms and lotions have.  This intensive baby balm is made with all organic ingredients and it utilizes the natural moisture and healing properties of coconut oil, neem oil, shea butter, plantain leaf and calendula.  It also has the addition of lavender oil (which is part of why is smells so great).

Organic Baby Balm

It’s gentle and safe for baby’s skin, providing natural relief and comfort.   Avishi Organics does not believe in animal testing, and 1% of all profits go to help The Andora Project, which raises funds to strengthen Haiti’s child protection policies.

How to Buy

You can purchase Avishi’s Intensive Baby Balm direct from their website.  A 2 oz tube runs $25.50, which really is quite a bit and should last a good long while. 

Avishi also sells Intensive Stretch Mark Oil, which I haven’t personally tried, but is supposed to help visibly minimize the appearance of existing stretch marks and help prevent new stretch marks from forming.  It is also organic and made with pure botanical extracts and oils, and is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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  1. Sara- The Organic Dietitian says:

    I love finding good organic products. It is so important to use clean products and especially for young ones!

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