I received this adorable hippo bamboo childrens plate to facilitate this review, which is, as always, written by me 🙂

Bamboo Childrens Plate | homemadeforelle.comA couple years ago, I wrote a post about the potential health hazards associated with eating and drinking foods from plastic materials.  In addition to plastics containing toxic ingredients, plastic is terrible for the environment.  The average plastic water bottle takes 450 years to decompose!

Now that I know plastic can be potentially dangerous for the health of my family and is horrible for the environment, I opt to find better solutions in my home.  When my son was born, I purchased glass baby bottles to send to daycare, and I put his homemade baby food in glass containers.  

Now that he is a little older, I dish up his meals on these adorable la-boos bamboo childrens plates.

Bamboo Childrens Plate | homemadeforelle.comWhy Bamboo?

Bamboo has some wonderful attributes that make it a far superior choice to plastic (source). 

  • Bamboo is natural, renewable and eco-friendly
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic
  • Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than a hardwood forest of comparable size
  • Bamboo is naturally beautiful, and doesn’t require any artificial dyes
  • Bamboo is stronger than steel

By using bamboo materials to serve my children’s food on, I am making a positive impact on their health and the environment as a whole. 

Why La-boos

La-boos creates 100% all-natural bamboo dining sets that are dye and chemical-free.  These plates are lightweight, strong and durable.  These are pricey, but the quality is evident when you’re holding it.  They are the perfect size for toddlers or young children. 

La-boos dining sets come in four designs: bear, kitty, hippo or panda.  All are adorable and well-crafted.  To get your bamboo children’s plate, visit La-boos, or click the button below.

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  1. Susan says:

    How adorable. I know my kiddos would have loved a plate like this when they were younger.

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