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Bears Beauty Review

“Study nature.  Love nature.  Stay close to nature.  It will never fail you. ” – Frank Lloyd Wright

If you’ve taken a mosey around my site, you know I adore homemade beauty products.  They contain natural, healthy ingredients that our skin and bodies love.  They are better for the environment.  They smell delicious.  They don’t have toxic ingredients that can harm us or our little ones.  And, they’re generally created from ethical sources, so you can feel better about your purchase.  

And most of them are made with a whole lotta love. 

Jerra, from Bear’s Beauty, was kind enough to send me some of her wonderfully handmade hemp artisanal skin care products, and I think I’ve become a life-long customer of hers.  She was kind enough to include her new Shealoe mixture, which is perfect for my growing belly, since she knew I am expecting a baby.  

I am going to review all of the delicious goodies she sent me, but first, I want to brag on her and her business a little bit… 

About Bear’s Beauty

Bear’s Beauty was created by Jerra, who wanted to learn more about green skin care.  She started out making her own products, which helped clear up her skin and relieve her chronic migraines.  Since then, she has grown her passion into a huge line of natural skin care products that cleanse, moisturize and heal, without the chemicals. 

Jerra uses all-natural ingredients in her products.  She personally mixes and bottles each order, and tries all of her products on herself and her family. If you’re looking for safe, effective and natural skin care, Bear’s Beauty is the real deal! 

Here is what I had the great fortune to sample: 

Vanilla Nutmeg Shealoe Cream 


Hide this stuff from your kids, husband or other hungry relatives, because they very well might try to eat it! The combination of vanilla and nutmeg smells deliciously sweet.  It’s handcrafted from organic raw shea butter, organic aloe vera gel, organic hemp seed oil, organic vitamin E and essential oils.  

I have personally been rubbing it on my pregnant belly after my evening shower, and I can still feel the rich moisture when I wake up in the morning.  This cream is not just for bellies though, it is light and moisturizing, without leaving the greasy feel that many natural moisturizers have.  

Lather it onto your face, body or even hair.  And good luck keeping your spouse at bay! 

Organic Cleansing Grains

cleansing grains

These organic cleansing grains are great for an exfoliating addition to the oil cleansing method.  It’s made from kaolin and bentonite clays, which help bring out toxins and smooth the skin.  Jerra then adds organic brown rice flour as a gentle exfoliant that adds vitamins and minerals.  The final ingredient, organic hemp flour, reduces redness and inflammation on irritated skin. 

It is super easy to use: pour a teaspoon into your hand, add a little water, and make it into a paste.  Rub it into your facial skin for 1 – 5 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water.  

The cleansing grains I received are naturally scented with rosehip, hibiscus and lavender.  It smells earthy, refreshing and clean (which is how your face will feel after washing it!). 

Rose Cold Cream

simply cold cream

Inspired from 2nd Century Ancient Greece, this cold cream is a water in oil emulsion made with hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, glycerin, beeswax (or candelilla wax), grapeseed oil, vitamin E and essential oils.  Jerra gives the buyer a ton of options to customize this cream to your heart’s content. 

The cold cream can be used as an all over moisturizer, a hair conditioning mask, facial moisturizer, hand cream, foot cream or eye cream. 

I have been using it as a facial moisturizer (because it’s so hard to find a good one!), and it is honestly the best moisturizer I think I have ever used.  It’s super moisturizing (great if you have dry skin!), but it doesn’t clog pores or leave a heavy feeling.  

Beegan Tinted Lip Balm

tinted lip balm

I am super picky about my lip balm.  I won’t even buy it from the stores anymore, because once you go natural, you don’t go back! 

There is just no chemical ingredient that can compare to the way coconut oil feels on the lips.   Jerra’s Beegan tinted lip balm is made with organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, raw shea butter, organic beeswax, and vitamin E.

It’s naturally tinted a beautiful deep red color, and comes in a variety of scents. I was able to try the spearmint-scented lip balm, which I happen to absolutely love.  These lip balms make wonderful stocking stuffers, or gifts for friends and co-workers!

Coconut Citrus Cuticle Butter

citrus cuticle butter

I am tragically hard on my hands. I never give them the attention they need, but since I am now officially obsessed with Jerra’s coconut citrus cuticle butter, I resolve to do better. 

Made from organic coconut oil and hemp seed oil to deeply nourish the nails, this is a product that is great for everyone who wants to take better care of their nails.  The cuticle butter also contains organic camelina oil, which adds a healthy shine, and the addition fo Vitamin E and antioxidants helps to strengthen brittle nails.  

Use daily (preferably at night time, before bed) to help your nails grow strong, long and healthy. 

Bear’s Beauty also has a whole line of products for men (papa-bears), children (baby bears) and women (mamma-bears).  You’ll find something here for everyone on your Christmas shopping list! 

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