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Make Iced Tea with your Keurig

2 years ago at Christmas, my mom did a wonderful thing for me.  She bought me a Keurig.  I had been wanting one for a while, so I was beyond ecstatic when I opened the big box with little reindeer wrapping paper, to find a bright and shiny Keurig brewer. My first Keurig.  It didn’t take me long to fall in love with it (I think it was right around the first brew), and it has become an integral part of my morning routine, ever since.  

To demonstrate how even more awesome my mom is, she bought me a Keurig for my birthday last year, so I could have one at work! I really have the best mom 🙂  Now I have a whole brewing system at work, with a tea box, an assortment of herbal teas, coffees, and even a hot chocolate or two.  While I love my hot coffee or teas in the morning, it’s just too hot the rest of the day to drink warm beverages.  

I gave up sodas almost two weeks ago (sayonara, Dr. Pepper), and have been drinking lots of water during the day.  Sometimes I need a break from water, and last week I was actually wondering if there was anyway to find a Keurig-type system that could make cold, healthy beverages.  And much to my delight, this week I learned about Keurig’s #BrewOverIce system!  

While I was walking through Walmart, doing my weekly shopping, I saw a huge display of Keurig K-cups, so I stopped to browse their selection.  On one side of the display, I saw a ton of new flavors with the “Brew Over Ice” blue logo on the boxes.  Yes, you can make ice tea with your Keurig! 

PicMonkey Collage

They had lemonades, cold coffee flavors, ice tea, and even half tea – half lemonades, which I believe is sometimes referred to as an Arnold Palmer.  I may have squealed a little bit.  There may have been people staring at me, but hey… I was EXCITED! 


I promptly put a box of Lemonade and a box of Celestial’s Perfect Ice Tea (half black tea and lemonade), and headed home to #BrewItUp.  So the concept isn’t difficult, all you do is grab a plastic tumbler (don’t do this in glass, folks), fill it to the top with ice, and brew your lemonade, tea or coffee over the ice.  So simple, right?

If you need further visual instruction, here is an informative video that shows you the process. 

Lemonade Brew over ice

Simple and super tasty.  I tried it using both cubes of ice and crushed ice, and found that the crushed ice did a better job of making the beverage ice cold, without diluting the flavor.  I also found that using my smallest cup selection on the keurig, and adding in a couple ice cubes post-brew, made the taste even better. 

But, hey, I am easy to please.  The real test came when I asked my husband and 3-year-old to try it out.  And the verdict?


Arnold Palmer Brew Over Ice

My husband is a huge fan of ice tea, and liked the blend of tea with lemonade.  I think I know what he is getting for Father’s Day 🙂  I may even be a super awesome wife and pick up a small brewer for him to keep at his office!  He is a pretty amazing dad, and this would probably cut back on his convenient store purchases for canned teas and sodas.  

Elle loves sour and sweet tastes, so she pretty much stole my lemonade from me.   Time to make another glass!   

On my next trip to Walmart, I will be picking up the coffee Brew Over Ice K-cups.  I am already imagining it: Fresh brewed cold coffee, add in a little cream and just a dash of vanilla extract… that would definitely help provide a sweet pick-me-up around 3 pm! 

Did you know you can recycle your K-cups?

Here at Homemade for Elle, we like to keep things eco-friendly.  Did you know that you can recycle your K-cups?  Grounds to Grown On lets you save your used k-cups and send them in to be used for compost (coffee grounds) and to recycle the plastic.  This would be a great idea for small businesses to utilize to green their company! 

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One Response to Brew Over Ice – Make Ice Tea with your Keurig

  1. Congratulations on kicking the soda habit! That’s awesome. I think it’s so cool (and convenient) how the Keurig can be used for more than just coffee…I don’t think a lot of people realize that. My kids are big fans of flavors like the hot chocolate, apple cider, etc, — the more traditionally hot flavors, but they’ve actually brewed these over ice too! We’ll have to try the lemonade one soon. #client

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