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Does Your Child Need an Eye Exam |

I got my first glasses when I was in 9th grade.  I had been having trouble seeing the chalkboard in class for a few years, but at that young age, I didn’t ever think I needed glasses.  Once I put my first pair of glasses on, I couldn’t believe the clarity and details I could see!  I was seriously in awe of how magnificent leaves on a tree looked! If you have ever had vision problems, you understand what I mean.

After I got glasses, I also had an easier time in school.  With corrected vision, I could see my teacher’s expressions, the writing on the board, and I found I had an easier time focusing. 

August is Eye Exam Awareness Month, and now that my daughter is in 1st grade, I am setting up an eye exam for her.  I feel it is especially important for her to have an annual comprehensive exam, since I have poor vision.  Additionally, I want to make sure she doesn’t have any other eye issues that we need to be aware of.

Does Your Child Need an Eye Exam?

The answer is probably, yes!  Let me share a few statistics:

  • Children are visual learners.  In fact, approximately 80% of what children learn first comes through their eyes. 
  • The earlier you start exams, the better. It is thought that 5 – 10% of preschoolers and as many as 25% of older, school-aged children experience some type of eye problem. 
  • Eye Exams are part of a child’s healthy checkup schedule. Even if a child doesn’t have any vision problems, annual eye exams are essential to help detect eye problems in their early stages, when they’re most treatable. 

One of the biggest reasons why a comprehensive eye exam is helpful with young children is that they don’t know what “normal” vision is.  Just like I didn’t when I was in 9th grade! It’s all relative, and if a child has seen poorly their whole life, they likely won’t know there is a problem!

When you’re scheduling your child’s annual pediatrician appointment and semi-annual dentist appointment, set up a comprehensive eye exam at the same time.  My favorite time of year to schedule my children’s exams is right before school starts, so I can address any concerns prior to sending them to a new school year.

Think About Your Eyes is a great public awareness campaign that is held to encourage parents to learn the benefits of eye health, and encourage annual comprehensive eye exams.  To find an eye care professional near you, visit Think About Your Eyes Doctor Locator


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