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doctors on demand

Doctor on Demand

I am pretty excited to share a little bit about Doctor on Demand, today.  Doctor on Demand is a new service that allows individuals to access to board certified physicians, psychologists, pediatricians and lactation consultants, from the comfort of their own home!  

How it works:

You can download the Doctor on Demand app on your tablet or smartphone, or access their website, doctorondemand.com, from your desktop.  Once you create an account (it’s free), you can schedule an appointment to speak with a licensed provider in your state and connect with them via video.  

You don’t need insurance to take advantage of this service. In fact, Doctor on Demand will not bill your insurance.  Their fees are remarkably low per visit: 

  • Your first video visit is free!  Use the coupon code ELLE15
  • $40 for a 15 minute visit with a medical physician or pediatrician
  • $50 for a 25 minute psychologist session


There are a few reasons why I am pretty excited about this service, and plan to utilize it in the future.  

When I was a first time mom, I quickly learned what a challenge breastfeeding can be!  Everything went well in the hospital, but as soon as we got home, I felt like my daughter wasn’t getting enough to eat.  I spent hours and hours reading through every article I could find online, but what I really needed was the advice of a lactation consultant.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lactation consultant within an hour and a half of my town, and I was left trying to figure it out on my own (and eventually did).  

Doctor on Demand would have been a wonderful service for me, had it been available at the time.  Since baby #2 is due in a couple months, I will definitely keep them starred in my web browser, and will call them up if I am having any issues feeding him!  


I am also surprised at how inexpensive the visits are!  One visit with my primary physician is a minimum of $80, and rarely do I spend 15 minutes with my doctor.  I usually wait an hour in the waiting room, another half hour in a patient room, then see the doctor for 5 minutes, before I am on my way.  How convenient and affordable to schedule an appointment online, skip the wait, and not even have to leave my house to see a board certified physician! 

Not to mention, doctor’s offices are filled with sick people, so the less time any of us spends in an office, the less sick germs we are exposed to. Avoiding the germs is another huge incentive for utilizing Doctor on Demand services. 

So, be sure to check them out! Register for your free account, and don’t forget to use the code ELLE15 so you can get your first visit for free!

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