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Monthly Baby Box |

About Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom is my favorite monthly baby box for moms who are conscientious about what goes onto and into their baby’s bodies.   You may not think about it, but chemicals are found in many products, including lotions, facial creams, and perfumes.  It is hard to know where to start when looking for mom and baby products that are safe, but I have discovered that Ecocentric Mom is a great resource.  They have already researched companies, and put together a box full of goodies to try! 

They offer three different box options: Moms, Moms-to-Be and Mom & Baby Box. Each box is filled with new and healthy products to try, from under-eye serums to baby balms!  If you have been wanting to transition to or are looking for healthier alternatives, this is a great way to try out and explore new products, at an affordable price! 

This month’s box was one of my favorite I have received!  Here is what this month’s Mom & Baby Box included:

Monthly Baby Box

Monthly Baby Box |

The Goodies:

Monthly Baby Box - Bee Naturals Baby Balm |

Bee Naturals Baby Balm

.5 oz retails for $6.97. Full size included.

This baby balm is perfect for diaper rashes, chapped skin, or other minor skin irritations.  It is made with a blend of sweet almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, unbleached beeswax and a touch of essential oils.  Its natural ingredients can help you trust your baby isn’t getting any dangerous chemicals on their delicate skin.  

I also received a special coupon code for 15% off my next order!

Monthly Baby Box - Amara Organic Baby Food |

Amara Organic Dried Baby Food – Bananas

2.5 oz pouches retail for $1.69. One pouch included.

Amara is able to lock in original nutrients and vitamins through a unique drying technique – ensuring your little one will get the most nutritious baby food there is.  Just add breast milk or water for babies 6+ months, or add to smoothies for bigger kids!

Monthly Baby Box - Babo Botanicals |

Babo Botanicals 3-in-1 Calming Lavender Meadowsweet Bubble Bath, Shampoo & Wash

2 oz bottle retails for $2.00.  One 2 oz bottle included. Ecomoms also received a $10 gift card! 

I have actually purchased and used babo Botanical shampoo and body wash for my baby, so I was excited to try their Lavender Meadowsweet scent!  Babo Botanicals makes their natural hair, skin and sun care products on an organic farm in the USA from plant flowers and extracts.  I adore the way this bubble bath, shampoo and wash smells.  It is calming lavender, but it smells like real lavender, not the artificial lavender that many companies put in bath products.  

Monthly Baby Box - Angel Face Botanicals Cucumber Serum |

Angel Face Botanicals Cucumber Depuffer

2 oz bottle retails for $24.  Full size bottle included!

The brilliant team at Ecocentric Moms surely knew that new moms need some under-eye serum!  This cucumber depuffer under-eye serum comes from Angel Face Botanicals, where they make their products in small batches using sustainably produced natural and organic ingredients.  Cucumbers have natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help even the most tired new moms hide their fatigue.  This serum also has added Cranberry oil to hydrate and tone delicate skin tissue, while reducing puffiness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

I have been using this every morning for the last week, and love how well it works.  I received a 20% off coupon code with my box, and plan to make good use of it 🙂

Monthly Baby Box - Frontier Bites |

Frontier Bites

.7 oz package retails for $1.79.  One package included. 

Frontier bites make snacking tastier and healthier! They’re made with 8 simple, real food ingredients, and are naturally gluten free, soy free, dairy free and non-GMO certified.  These are great for when you need a big bang of energy and nutrition. 

Ecomoms received a 25% off coupon code for their next order.

Monthly Baby Box - Essence of Vali Soothing Mist |

Essence of Vali Sleep Soothing Mist

2 oz retails for $8.50.  Full size bottle included.

These divine sleeping mist is made in the USA, in small batches using the essences of lavender flowers, marjoram leaves, cedar wood & ylang/ylang petals in a base of distilled water.  This works as a lovely pillow mist or as a natural air freshner to calm you into a peaceful sleep, or comfort you during stressful times.  

I have personally learned that natural calming smells do a wonderful job of de-stressing me when I get overloaded.  This is something I am excited to have on hand to help keep me calm while taking care of my 5-year-old and a 7-month old! 

Monthly Baby Box - Baby's First Stroller Books |

Parragon Stroller Books

2 books retail for $9.99.  2 books included. 

These delightful stroller books are fun and unique, and come with the added loop to hang from a stroller or a car seat carrier.  They are easy to read, and brightly illustrated, which make them great for a baby’s first books!   These are published by Parragon, which is the largest illustrated non-fiction publisher in the world.  

As you can see, my little one is already a big fan 🙂

Other Goodies

My monthly baby box also included: 

  • One free month’s baby music subscription from See Spot Sing.  See Spot Sing puts out 5 original songs, every month, along with supplemental tools to reinforce early childhood developmental areas.  The 5 original songs I received retails for $9.99. 
  • A $5 off coupon on the first purchase from Kent & Bond, which sells men’s organic body products.

Monthly Baby Box - Ecocentric Moms |

This month’s box was full of some wonderful goodies to try, and some great discounts!  The total value of this monthly baby box was $74.93, plus some amazing discounts and coupon codes for future purchases. 

Subscriptions to Ecocentric Mom are only $24 and ship every other month.  It is a great service to learn about healthier products that can reduce the amount of toxins in your household. Great for mom, and great for baby!  To find out more about the service or to get next month’s box sent to your mailbox, join today!


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