On my journey to find healthy alternatives to modern-day medicine, I have come to the belief that our diet and food could have a tremendous impact on our health.  Some plants and their extracts may even have the ability to heal our ailments. One plant well known for its medicinal properties is the Elderberry.

In addition to tasting great, Elderberries have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. A 2001 study showed that consumption of black elderberry extract shortened the duration of flu symptoms by 3-4 days. Elderberry extract was shown to significantly increase production of inflammatory cytokines, which activates the immune system. The study also suggested that elderberries may have an immunoprotective or immunostimulatory effect that could help cancer or AIDS patients. 1


Hippocrates called the elder tree as his medicine chest. Classical healers Theophrastus, Dioscorides and Galen referred to elder as one of nature’s greatest healers. The trend continues today, as Austria’s most beloved herbal healer, Father Hermann Josef Weidinger, also names elderberry as one of his favorite plants. “Elderberry cleanses the digestive system and promotes healthy elimination,” he explains. “Elderberry protects the body from serious diseases, and it balances the emotions. Elderberry is good for the soul.”2


My favorite go-to company for all things Elderberry is Elderberry Life.

Elderberry Life was created by Norm’s Farms and they have a large Elderberry farm in Missouri, and work with small family farmers in North Carolina.  Their history is rich and they believe in farm and wildlife preservation, and of course, Elderberries.  I had the great pleasure of working with Ann from Norm’s Farms and she is such a delightful and kind person.  I can tell they love what they do and are passionate about their products.

Norm’s Farms was very generous and sent me a 7-pack sampler to review and share with the readers at Homemade for Elle. The first thing I noticed was how great the packaging was.  I shop online frequently, so it’s important that items are shipped well, especially breakables. All of Elderberry Life’s products were packed safely, with great care.

Here is what the sampler pack had:

Elderberry Juice


  1. Elderberry Herbal Cordial:  Made from pure elderberry juice, cinnamon, cloves and sweetened with local honey in a recyclable bottle. This immune-boosting drink is great for a sore throat or to take if you’ve been in contact with the flu.  It smells reminiscent of hot apple cider and the holidays, which made me immediately love it.  It is a great addition to sparkling water as an alternative to soda.  
  2. Elderberry Juice: 10 ounces of pure elderberry juice.  The recommended daily dose of elderberry juice is 1-3 tbsp.  It tastes great alone, or diluted in a glass of water for a hint of sweet fruit, with tremendous health benefits.  Each 1 oz. serving of elderberry juice contains powerful amounts of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, B-6, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and copper. I love that I can do such great things for my health, and enjoy it at the same time.
  3. Peach Elderberry Juice: This delicious drink is a combination of peach juice, elderberry juice and pear juice concentrate. It’s a perfect way to get your daily dose of immune-boosting Elderberry  juice, with the added nutrients of peaches and pears.
  4. Blackberry Elderberry Juice: This was my personal favorite.  It’s made from blackberry juice, elderberry juice and pear juice concentrate.   It is 100% juice with no added water, or sugar. It’s GMO free and contains nothing artificial.  One 10 oz bottle contains your daily recommended dose of Elderberry juice.  I think it is the perfect way to start off a morning 🙂

Elderberry Aid

  1.  Elderberry Aid:  Made in a charming, reusable mug, Elderberry Aid is made from lemon, elderberry juice and sweetened with peach juice and pear juice concentrate.  It has a bright, refreshing taste and contains 10% elderberry juice.

Elderberry Jam and Jelly

  1.  Elderberry Jam: This seedless jam is made with elderberries and a hint of lemon and has a wonderful flavor.  It is delicious on toast, warmed up and poured over ice cream, or mixed in with your favorite hot wing sauce! It comes in a reusable glass jar.  It also has their new label covering it — I love it! What do you think? 
  2. Elderberry Jelly: Made from elderberry juice, lemon juice and pure cane sugar, this jelly is full of so many anti-oxidants that it puts strawberry jelly to shame. It has a sweet, satisfying taste that is a perfect, healthier substitute for your regular jelly.

Here’s what I’ve been cooking:

I love, LOVE, love reviewing food products, because I get to experiment in my kitchen! Here are a few of the tasty dishes I have made using Elderberry Life products:

Elderberry French Toast:

Elderberry French Toast

Immune-Boosting Elderberry Smoothie:

Elderberry Smoothie from homemadeforelle

Sweet and Spicy Drumsticks:

Sweet and Spicy Drumsticks

Want to buy Elderberry Products?

There are so many ways to use Elderberrys! If you’re interested in buying high-quality Elderberry ingredients, check out Elderberry Life! I know I will be buying all of my Elderberry products from them.

Want to win the products I reviewed?

Check out my giveaway on March 15th to enter to win all of the products I reviewed!!

Disclaimer: Elderberry Life provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

1 PubMed.gov
2 NormsFarms.com

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