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Everything you ever wanted to know about Chamomile

Last week, I talked about the big and exciting changes going on at Natural Herbal Living Magazine, and today I wanted to share with you what the Natural Living Herbal Magazine and Herb Box looks like!  This month’s box was all about the herb Chamomile.

What is Natural Herbal Living?

The Natural Herbal Living Magazine is an online periodical written by real herbalists who have a passion for sharing their love of herbal medicine, food, and fun. Every month they focus on getting to know, and building a relationship with, one herb a month. By focusing on one herb a month, they are able to build a great in depth relationship with that month’s herb. By subscribing to Natural Herbal Living, you will  not only learn its many uses, but will begin to build a relationship with this one herb. By getting to know the herbs as individuals before using them in complicated recipes, you are able to learn how it works with us as an individual. By building a relationship with the plants you can learn not to fear them, or be intimidated by them, but to use them as allies in your own wellness journey.

chamomile tea

This month’s herb: Chamomile

I was pretty stoked that this month’s herb was chamomile.  Of course, most of us think of the relaxing, sedative qualities of chamomile, but did you know that it also helps overcome anxiety and depression? And that emerging research suggests that it may help prevent cancer cells from growing?  Natural Herbal Living provides all the information you would ever want to know about chamomile, how to incorporate it into your daily routine, and the health benefits that you can get from this healing herb. 

Chamomile Soap

Here’s what you’ll learn in this month’s issue: 

  • Chamomile Herbal Monograph
  • A Profile on Chamomile Essential Oils
  • Chamomile Flower Essence
  • The Herbal Mom – Chamomile for Kids
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Honey & Chamomile Soap 
  • Chamomile Nighttime Routines and Stress
  • Chamomile, History and Myth
  • Chamomile Lessons from my Nana
  • Go Wild with Chamomile
  • A Powerful Digestion Ally Two Ways

Here’s what’s in this month’s herb box: 

Natural Herbal Living Chamomile

  • A bounty of Soothing Nighttime Tea, which contains (all organic) chamomile, holy basil, lemon balm, passion flower, spear mint, orange peel and licorice root
  • 2 oz of chamomile
  • Roman chamomile essential oil (I’ve bought this before, and it isn’t cheap!)
  • Honey & Chamomile handmade soap
  • Chamomile Flower Essence
  • Bath Salt Blend – Salts and Herbs
  • A handbook that tells you how to make and use the included ingredients

Chamomile Bath Salts

How to get Natural Herbal Living

If you want to get to know herbs on a deeper level, there are several ways to do that with Natural Herbal Living.  You can subscribe to their magazines only, subscribe to the monthly herb box to get hands-on experience with the herbs, or help their kickstarter campaign to get the first year’s worth of issues in print!  

You can also check out my review last week to download a FREE copy of their Nettle’s issue, and while you’re there, be sure to register to win the printed hard cover omnibus of the first year’s publications AND the ingredients and printed information for the first 12 herb boxes (rosemary, ginger, rose, echinacea, elder, hawthorn, dandelion, nettle, plantain, chamomile, calendula and basil).  That’s a $600 prize, and it could be yours 🙂 

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