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A couple years ago, the place where I work installed new water fountains in our building. The first time I walked by it, I stopped, turned around, and stared at the fountain, a little in awe.  It was much more than a regular water fountain.  It had a bottle filling station!    

As an avid water drinker, I was so excited to see this.  I usually take a large cup of ice water to work with me in the mornings, and fill it up several times throughout the day.  The new bottle filling station made it convenient for me to refill my cup whenever I needed!  

Elkay has created a line of ezH20 bottle filling stations that are perfect for schools, airports, and other public places.  Their bottle filling stations allow individuals to fill up their reusable water bottles in a hygienic and efficient way, with their hands-free and rapid filling technology.   undefined

I was really blown away by the bottle filling station at my work, because I saw so many tremendous benefits (aside from my own personal consumption!) such as:

Save Money

For one, disposable water bottles are expensive!  To pay $1+ a pop for something that you can usually get for free (or fairly close) can be a bit frustrating.  Not to mention it adds up quickly if you drink your daily recommended dose of water.  

Save the Environment

It takes the average disposable plastic water bottle 450 years to decompose! Can you imagine how many bottles are sitting in landfills?   By committing to use a reusable bottle for your daily water, you can have a huge impact on the environment!  

Drink More Water! 

Schools and places of employment usually have vending machines with sugary soft drinks that are terrible for our health.  By having a conveniently located bottle filling station, you would be surprised at how frequently you pass on the sodas and opt for water instead.  Drinking water in place of other drinks can reduce the calories you take in daily, it helps energize muscles, helps kidney function, and is great for your skin.  An adequate water intake everyday is an effective and easy way to boost your overall health! 

In fact, Elkay has positively impacted a California school district, and all schools can benefit from this system!


The ezH20 dispenses water in a laminar flow, so the stream doesn’t have any bubbles.  No bubbles means no bacteria in the water stream!  It is also a hands-free dispenser (read: sanitary) with an automatic 20-second shut-off timer. 


The ezH20 bottle filling station is 3 times faster than a standard drinking fountain, which I can personally vouch for.  I used to fill my water bottles up from the drinking fountain, and the bottle filling station is much faster!   learn more about Elkay’s ezH20 Bottle Filling System! 

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