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Find your Personal Style with Stitch Fix

I recently had a friend recommend a new site called Stitch Fix, and I have been having so much fun with it, I had to share it with you guys.  Stitch Fix is an online service that can help you find (or expand) your personal style and wardrobe.  Now, being a busy working mom, who dresses in black skirts and blouses 90% of the time (or sweatpants when I am at home!), I loved the idea of having someone style me! I was even more excited when I found out how affordable it is! 

How it works: 

You start by answering a series of questions about your preferences, size, etc. so the stylist isn’t going in blind.  Do you prefer Classic, Romantic, Preppy or Edgy?  They have a wide selection of styles to suit your tastes. 

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You get to view several outfit collections, like the one above, and grade how you like the style.   Then you can opt to provide your Pinterest, Twitter or Linked In information so your personal style is more catered to you.  

Hate animal prints or the color orange?  You can also specify that so you don’t get anything clothing or pieces of jewelry with those styles. 

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What I thought: 

I received my first Stitch Fix Personal Style box last week, and was impressed with the quality and diversity of the clothing that my stylist, Nicky, picked out for me.  I wanted everything, to be honest, but decided to keep one of the shirts that was so adorable and perfect for spring.  While I loved everything in the box, I decided to just keep the one shirt time time, and see what my next month’s box holds! 

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What does it cost?

The cost to receive a Stitch Fix box is $20 a month.  That will buy you a personal stylist, who will select 5 items specifically for you, and mail them to your house.  You  have the option of buying none, one, three, or all of the pieces.  If you buy all of the pieces, you get a significant “buy all discount” of around 30% off.  

Whatever you decide you don’t like or don’t want to buy, you can mail back, free of charge.  If you decide to keep any of the pieces, you can use your $20 stylist fee towards the purchase – so you get the stylist (and the shipping) for free.  

Get free credits!

If you order your first Stitch Fix box, and discover you love the service, you can recommend it to your friends, and receive $25 in credit for each friend who signs up.  That’s a pretty sweet deal!  If you are interested in checking out your personal style from Stitch Fix, I would love if you followed my link, so this momma can get some new work clothes 😉 Then recommend it to a friend, so you can get some for yourself! 

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6 Responses to Find your Personal Style with Stitch Fix

  1. Lauren says:

    I love the concept of Stitch Fix- I love reading reviews and seeing what people receive. It is not available in New Zealand though.

  2. Scarlett says:

    This sounds like so much fun! Like the others have said, I’m sure it can get pricey…especially if I forget to mail it back. Yikes! Love the idea of a personal shopper. Can you get style ideas online (like those pictured above) without ordering a box? I’d love some style ideas.

  3. April says:

    Oh, this is tempting!! My husband might be less than thrilled…but you could use some of the pieces for gifts for others….

  4. Alanna says:

    What??? I didn’t know something like this existed!!! How totally fun. But alas, like Julie said before me…it’s just not in the budget (I am a thrift store kind of momma) but goodness, if our financial situation ever made a happy boost this might be my first stop. Who doesn’t like getting presents in the mail??? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Julie says:

    This sounds like a great concept. My only problem would be that the $20 would be my limit and that’s stretching it. Are the clothes in the box individually priced lower than that, or would you have to pay more than that to buy one piece?

    I Create Purty Thangs

    • Andrea says:

      Julie, none of the clothes I had sent to me were under $20, but I imagine some of the jewelry pieces, scarves, etc could be. More than $20 is a bit high for my budget as well, but I have been wanting to get some higher-quality shirts and pants in my wardrobe, occasionally 🙂

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