During the summer months when the days are long and the weather is nice, I love spending evenings outdoors.  But I also still love having home cooked meals!  That is when I turn to foil packet recipes.  It is so easy to add all of your ingredients to a foil pouch, place it in the oven to cook, and forget about it until it’s done!  

Not to mention cooking with foil packet recipes is a breeze!  You just throw away (or recycle) the foil when you’re done!  No messy pans or plates to clean up.  

Because I am always looking for new dinner ideas, I have put together this compilation of foil packet recipes for you to try.  Go ahead, take the night off, enjoy the summer evening, and still have a delicious home-cooked meal 🙂 

foil packet recipes

Feta & Mint Grilled Sweet Potatoes

This incredibly healthy and tasty recipe for Feta Mint Grilled Sweet Potatoes comes from Lavender and Lemonade.  It is made by combining organic sweet potatoes and feta cheese in a foil packet, drizzling over a fresh mint and lemon dressing and grilling it until it is tender and fragrant.  This is the perfect side dish for grilled chicken or steaks, or it can stand on its own for a light vegetarian dinner!  Find the recipe here


Sweet Onion Grilled Salmon

Here is a light and savory dish that is perfect for a weeknight dinner!  It is made with plenty of sweet onions, fresh salmon fillets and a beautiful sauce made from dark brown sugar, butter and white wine.  If you’re looking for gourmet without the work, check out Loris Culinary Creation’s recipe for Sweet Onion Grilled Salmon, here


Garlic Shrimp and New Potatoes

Have company coming over and need an impressive, but easy dinner to make? FeedingBig has you covered!  Her foil packet recipe combines raw shrimp, fresh garlic, butter and seasonings for the perfect dinner on the grill.  You can pair it with new potatoes as an easy side!  Find her recipe here


Garlicky Chicken Packs

Tasty dinner, easy cleanup and a happy family.  That’s what these garlicky chicken packs will get you!  Loris Culinary Creations has a yummy recipe that combines chicken breasts, a garlic sauce, tangy goat cheese, prosciutto and green olives for a satisfying yet dynamic dinner.  Find her recipe here


Fiesta Lime Tilapia with Mushrooms and Kale

Looking for healthy and hearty meals this summer?  This dish has you covered!  Get your omega-3s with the tilapia, immune-supporting mushrooms and nutrient-dense kale.  It all gets combined in an easy foil packet, and added to the oven or grill, and you have dinner in a cinch!  Find Loris Culinary Creation’s recipe here


Looking for more dinner ideas?  Check out my entire page of dinners and yummy side dishes

Grilled Asparagus

Grilled Asparagus

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2 Responses to 5 Foil Packet Recipes

  1. Susan says:

    You’ve got my grilling menu plan covered for the week. Thanks for all the great ideas (and for making my clean-up easier).

  2. Cynthia L says:

    All of these recipes look fantastic! I love the ease of cooking in a foil packet. So nice to prepare them when you have time and cook them later! I really need to try that lime tilapia!

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