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Hands-on-Prints Books

Some of my fondest memories as a child was laying in bed, having my mom read stories to my sister and me before we went to sleep.  It was our night-time ritual, and one that I looked forward to every evening.  

Now that I have two kiddos of my own, reading has become an integral part of the time we spend together.  My daughter, Elle, is 4 and she absolutely loves reading.  She must have over 200 books, and we pick 5 before bedtime to read together.  This helps her get settled down, and the routine is great for getting her ready for bed. 

When I heard about Hands-on-Prints, I knew I wanted to check out some of their books!  Hands-on-Print books are written by Christinia Cheung, who has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  She started a Montessori school that celebrates differences in cultures, personalities and learning preferences for children.  

I was able to read five of Hands-on-Prints books, and loved how varied the topics and complexity were. There was a definite focus on learning in an engaging way, complete with beautiful illustrations that pulled my daughter into the stories.  

Elle held the stories open for me, while I read aloud to her.  By having physical books in front of us, we can both be a part of the story, as she runs her fingers along the words as I read them out loud.  

Around the World from A to Z

Around the World

The first thing I love about this book is that the first page is a letter to parents and educators on the benefits of Around the World from A to Z.  I am not an educator, but I do enjoy understanding the various educational benefits of literature, and what it can teach my children.  

This book visits each letter in the alphabet, with one full page dedicated to each letter, written in cursive.  Elle can use her finger to trace the movement of the letter, and help her in identifying and becoming familiar with each letter.  The opposite page identifies an activity that corresponds to the letter, along with educational information on where in the world that activity can occur. 

Around the World Inside

We have a map of the world hanging in Elle’s room, so it was fun to read about the different places in her book, and then point it out on the map, to give her some frame of reference as we read the story. 

Nuts for Coconuts

Nuts for coconuts

This is such a cute book!  Of course, as an avid coconut lover, I was just as engaged with this book as Elle was.  The story talks about how every part of a coconut tree can be used, from the coconut itself, all the way to the husks.  I actually learned quite a bit reading this story (and I thought I knew a lot about the uses of a coconut!).  For instance, did you know that burning the shell of a coconut can help deter mosquitoes? 

nuts for coconuts inside

The illustrations were charming, and showed each application of the coconut.  Elle and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this together, and I loved that there was so much information we both gained. 

We also read Geometry through Architecture, A Persistent Vine, and Do I have to?  What if I don’t want to.  If you have a child at home, and want to expose them to books that are both educating and inspiring, you should definitely check these out! 

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  1. Cynthia L says:

    I began to read to my daughter while I was still pregnant. She is 24 years old now and there are times when she is stressed or sick that I pull out her favorite books and read to her. It is such a great way to spend time together These books look so great. Lovely illustrations.

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