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Healthy and Frugal Dinner Tips

I recently moved into a new house, and while we are loving the neighborhood, I have spent quite a bit of money making repairs to my new home.  I am trying to offset some of the costs by reducing expenses in other areas, and one great place I have found to save money is with groceries!  

While I am saving money, I don’t want to sacrifice quality or nutrition, as both are important to me.  With a little brainstorming and some creativity, I have put together a list of healthy and frugal dinner tips that will save you money, while still providing your family with healthy and nutritious options at dinner time. 

Buy Bone-In Chicken 

My family eats a lot of chicken, and I used to buy chicken breasts.  Recently, I started buying whole chickens or chicken thighs instead.  They are much cheaper per pound than chicken breasts, coming in around $1 per serving. They also have quite a bit more meat, so you can generally feed your family, and have leftovers for lunches or dinner the next day.  

You can even use the bones to make chicken broth, as a free (and tasty) base for your next soup! 

Serve Tea with Dinner

Lipton Iced Tea

Instead of serving sodas, opt for fresh Lipton Iced Tea with your dinner.  Lipton Iced Tea is all natural, making it a positive choice for your family.  It also is inexpensive, refreshing and tastes great!  

Right now, Albertson’s has a Stock Up Sale (running 09/30 – 10/13) on Lipton Iced Tea 100 ct packages.  Be sure to go stock up to get a great price! 

stock up sale

Menu Plan

Free Menu Planner

Free Menu Planner

I know a lot of people advocate for menu planning, but this is crucial to both healthy meals, and reducing expenses.  I like to create my family’s menu for the week on Saturday mornings, before I go grocery shopping.  That way, I know what my family is having for dinner throughout the week, and I know what to buy at the grocery store.  

People that make grocery lists tend to make fewer impulse buys, and spend less at the store.  When you menu plan, you have all the food you need for dinner, and you won’t end up eating out throughout the week, because you don’t know what to make!  You can download this free menu planner, here

Double Your Meal and Use Leftovers

lipton gold

For many meals, I will double the amount I cook, so that I have a ready-made lunch for the next day.  It’s a great time saver, money saver, and also keeps me from eating out during busy work weeks.  I also keep a pitcher of Lipton Iced Tea in the fridge, so I can pour a glass to enjoy with my lunch! 

Reading the Circular and Hitting Up Sales

I don’t clip coupons much, because I rarely find coupons for items that my family uses, but I will read the weekly circular to find good sales on produce, meat, and other staples.  For instance, with the great sale on Lipton Iced Tea, I was able to stock up at Albertsons, and now I have drinks for lunch and dinner covered for the next several months!  A little prep work can save a lot of money, and healthier choices in the long run.  


Be sure to check out Albertsons Stock Up Sale!  I’d love to hear about your frugal and healthy dinner ideas! Share your tips below! 

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3 Responses to Healthy and Frugal Dinner Tips

  1. I love Lipton tea! It’s so refreshing and comforting – it reminds me of childhood! I love your tips, and especially agree with buying bone-in chicken. Once I realized how much money I save doing so, I’ve never gone back to boneless! I can make the same great meals at about half the cost.

  2. Jill says:

    These are all great tips. I know what it’s like to have to pinch pennies and your meals are a great place to start. I also love ice tea with my meals! Love the meal planning printable…this is an area I struggle with, big time!

  3. When we had kids I quickly realized the benefit of a meal plan. The weeks we don’t eating out definitely happens more. Thanks for the great tips. [client]

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