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My Healthy Home – How I Clean Using Non-Toxic Cleaners

My healthy home didn’t happen over night. I think it was around 2 and a half years ago that I started paying attention to the ingredients in my cleaning products.  Before then, I would honestly walk down the cleaning isles at the market, inhale the “clean” aroma and feel proud of myself for buying a ton of cleaning products to make my home oh-so-clean-and-sanitary.  These days, the same cleaners make me think of something much different than “clean”.  

Since 2 and a half years ago, I have learned just how bad some “cleaning” products can be. So many cleaning product blends contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for my family and our pets, not to mention the environment.  Once I realized how bad these products could be, I started eradicating my house from the harmful toxins.  However, I live in a pretty small town, and most of the local markets don’t cater to the health-centric consumer, which unfortunately limits my options. 

That’s why I was pretty excited to hear that Walgreens is carrying a new line of home products, called Ology.  I was more than happy to drive the 20 miles to the nearest Walgreens to pick up Ology products and try them in my household.  

When I got to Walgreens, it was pretty easy to find the Ology products.  There among the other cleaning products, laundry detergents and paper goods I found Ology products standing out with their playful and appealing packaging:

market isle

I admit, I am a sucker for packaging, so I was naturally drawn to the color scheme and fun font the brand has on its label.  But even more than the design, I love what the product says:

No Harmful Chemicals

ology brand

I picked up some bath tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and laundry detergent, and racked up some points using my Walgreens Balance Rewards card (hey, may as well earn points for free loot in the future!).  I headed home to clean my house and try out #WalgreenOlogy products to see how they measured up.  

I am a little on the Type A end of the spectrum, and I have a specific method and order on how I clean my home.  Here is how I clean to have my healthy home: 


My kitchen may get the most use out of any room in my house.  I love cooking real, home cooked meals, so my kitchen needs regular cleaning.  

I start by removing all of the objects off my counter tops, and spray it down with an all-purpose cleaner.  I appreciated Ology’s all purpose cleaner because it’s free of dyes and ammonia, doesn’t test on animals (cruelty-free!), and the bottle is made from 100% post-consumer materials.  I love companies that are committed to social responsibility, and am always willing to support them. It is citrus based and smells of natural meyer lemon and lavender, not some synthetic version of it.  

Once my counters are sprayed down, I wipe away dirt, debris and bacteria using a cloth.  My stove-top gets spritzed down as well, and I use a clean paper towel after its wiped down, to remove any streaks or residue left behind. 

I love that Ology’s paper towels are created from biodegradable and renewable plants, sugarcane husk and bamboo.  No tree’s were harmed in the creation of these paper towels 🙂 


Here are my other weekly kitchen cleaning tasks:

  • Clean out fridge
  • Organize pantry 
  • Clean out microwave 
  • Wipe down baseboards and walls
  • Dust ceiling fan
  • Sweep and mop

Living Room

I have a 3-year-old and a husband who make managing my living room a little more challenging, but certainly not impossible.  I start by picking up any toys (Elle) or clothes (husband) that have been left in the area.  I dust all of the wood furniture, and use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the television.  I washed the windows this week (a chore I usually hate), using Ology’s paper towels.  They are super absorbent and soft, which made the task easier.  Then I wipe down the baseboards and walls, and vacuum the floor.  

I have a bar in the corner of our living room, just in front of the gorgeous bookshelf my hubby built me, where we always keep a box of tissue.  I replaced the box we had with Ology’s soft & strong facial tissue, since it is also made from readily renewable sugarcane husk and bamboo, and it is whitened with H2O2, instead of chlorine based bleaches.  

tissue home


The bathrooms are easily my least favorite room to clean, but with a methodology for cleaning it, I can get in and out within 10 minutes flat. 

I start by pouring a little bit of baking soda down the inside walls of the toilet (keep this box separate from the one you cook with!), then pour in vinegar on top of the baking soda (ditto with the vinegar). I’ll let that sit for about 5 minutes, meanwhile I clean the shower/tub.  Ology makes a bathroom cleaner that is ammonia-free (quick mention that Ology ranks well on the EWG’s guide to healthy cleaning!) and scented with peppermint oil, which is a crisp, clean smell for the bathroom.  I spray down the walls of the shower/tub, then wipe clean with a slightly abrasive towel or spounge.  Then I scrub the the toilet, cleaning the seat and top, and discard the towel.  Next I spray the sink with bathroom cleaner, wipe clean, and finally clean the mirror.  

bathroom cleaner

I like to make sure there is enough toilet paper in each bathroom, for obvious reasons.  Ology makes a chlorine-free, septic safe and biodegradable bath tissue, which is a huge plus for environmentally-conscious households.   Finally, I sweep and mop the floors, and I’m done! 


The bedrooms are the easiest rooms in the house to clean, in my opinion.  All I do is pick up, dust the furniture, tidy the closet and vacuum the floors.  

As far as the laundry goes, my hubby and I have an agreement, that since I do the household cleaning, he is in charge of all of the laundry.  He usually reserves Sunday as “laundry day”, where he washes all of our clothes, the towels and bedding.  I love Ology’s 2x Plant Based laundry soap.  Elle has super sensitive skin, so we never use any detergent with artificial frangrances or dyes.  Ology’s detergent is free of both chlorine and formaldehyde, and has a natural subtle scent  of lavender and vanilla.  It is also designed for our HE washing machine, which is a huge bonus.

laundry detergen 1

You can find Ology products exclusively at your local Walgreens.  Do me a favor: look at the cleaning products under your kitchen or bathroom sink, and ask yourself if the ingredients are good for you, your family or your pets.  If the answer is no, give Ology a try. 

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  1. I’ve been so incredibly impressed with these environmentally conscious, effective, and great smelling products! #client

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