Healthy Living Tips for children

My daughter is now 5, and she is such a sponge!  She absorbs information and masters skills with remarkable vigor.  I have learned a tremendous amount about healthy living since starting my blog 4 years ago, and it is so important that I pass that along to her (and her brother, when he is a little older).  My ultimate goal is to have her well-equipped with enough knowledge to lead a healthy life, when she goes off to college.

There are four essential areas of healthy living for children that I want to teach her.

Healthy Living for Children

Healthy Eating Habits

Homemade MuesliMy family eats “clean”, in that, we really strive to make our food from scratch and avoid processed ingredients.  Eating homemade, non-processed meals provides my family with better nutrition, and it also sets a precedent for how my children will eat once they are old enough to live on their own. 

My daughter has helped me in the kitchen since she was 2!  She holds measuring cups, while I explain to her what ingredients we are using, and she measures and counts (which also helps reinforce basic math concepts!).  We bake bread and healthy muffins, we make homemade chicken broth, and even create sauces from scratch!  She loves eating food that she helped create, which is another way I get her to eat healthier foods that she doesn’t normally like. 

We also plant a garden every year, where we grow vegetables and herbs.  She helps put the plants in the ground, pull weeds and water them.  Then, we harvest and enjoy them together.  I also believe it is essential to teach children the amount of joy and work that goes into growing and harvesting food, to foster gratitude for the food we have everyday.

Keep Activesoccer 1

Keeping children moving is crucial to their development and health.  My family does daily things to help our bodies, such as park a little farther away from the store entrance, so we get to walk longer.  We stretch, do yoga and meditation.  I sign my daughter up for sports, such as ballet and soccer, and will encourage her to try every sport and activity until she finds one she is passionate about.

Being Kind

Random Acts of Kindness

I believe kindness and empathy are two incredibly important virtues, and reinforce that with my children, daily.  We talk about treating everyone with kindness, no matter how different we are.  We volunteer our time to help others.  We do weekly anonymous acts of kindness.  We talk about how we are part of a community, and how everyone matters, not just us. 

Foster Leadership and Confidence

My daughter is in kindergarten, and is learning basic reading and math skills.  It makes me unbelievably proud to see her progress over the past year!  When she reads to me and makes a mistake, I gently correct her, and compliment her effort.  I am careful to give lots and lots of praise and to never criticize her when she is learning.  I want to foster her confidence, so she can build her skills and be a leader. 

When she is a little older, I will enroll her in 4-H, so she can learn essential leadership skills. 4-H programs help nurture life skills and leadership by giving young people experiences in activities that interest them. 

They recently launched their Grow True Leaders campaign. It is all about helping children cultivate and recognize their true leadership skills.  They are also encouraging parents and other community members to give a “shout out” to a youth that deserves to be recognized for their leadership! 

You can also take a moment to join their ThunderClap to share one unified message about how great kids are today.

Do you know a youth that you want to give a shout out to?  Share in the comments below, or share on social media with the #TrueLeaders

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 4-H. The opinions and text are all mine.


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3 Responses to Healthy Living for Children

  1. Salma says:

    Such important things to be teaching our children. And the program looks great. I’d have to see if they have it in Canada too.

  2. Ali Gilbert says:

    4H is so much fun! I get so busy that I forget to keep the kids healthy in certain ways. Thanks for the tips.

  3. 4H is such a wonderful program. My kids have been involved in 4H club, and it’s a great experience.

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