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Last week, while shopping at Albertsons, I found Sprout® Organic Baby Food and healthy toddler snacks, and was excited to see what my kiddos thought about them.  As a mom of the pickiest eaters, I am always on the lookout for healthy toddler snacks and healthy big kid snacks.   

The verdict?  My daughter loves them! She was even willing to sit still long enough for me to take a couple pictures of her, before she was off again to conquer the world 🙂  5-year-olds are busy!

sprouts 10

I am always so relieved to find healthy snacks that she will eat, and that are easy to pack in her lunch box.  As a working mom, I am often short on time. However, providing healthy, nutritious and organic food for my children is extremely important to me.  When I can find food that is healthy, easy and that she enjoys, it is something worth celebrating!  

Sprout® Organic Crispy Chews taste a lot like a fruit snack, with the addition of little crispy bites.  They’re made from organic fruits and veggies, and are free from preservatives and food dyes.  


These snacks are great for toddlers (which my 7-month-old will be, before too long!) but they’re also great for bigger kids! And if I’m being totally honest, you may find that they’re great for busy moms who need a sweet snack to get through the afternoon! 

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Organic Baby Foods & Healthy Toddler Snacks

Sprout® Organic Foods makes a variety of organic foods for everyone in your family, from baby to mom and dad!  You can try their:

  • Organic Baby Food Options:
    • Single fruit & veggie puree pouches in a convenient squeezable pouch
    • Veggie blends, fruit & veggie blends, fruit & grain blends and veggie & grain blends 
    • Breakfast and snacks, and lightly textured entrees
  • Organic Toddler Snacks and Purees: 
    • Supergrain blends, superfruit blends, and yogurt
    • Multigrain toddler snacks, fruit & veggie cereal snacks, and fruit & veggie crispy chews
  • Organic Grownup Snacks:
    • Multigrain crunch bites, morning smoothies and squeezable snacks

Next time you’re at your local Albertsons, be sure to look for Sprout® Organic Foods for the whole family! You can also visit their website to find a store near you that carries their products. 

What healthy snacks does your family enjoy? Have you ever tried Sprout® Organic Foods?

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