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I love my homemade beauty products, but sometimes I struggle finding time to make them. I recently ran out of my favorite facial toner, and wanted to create a simple, quick, and most importantly, effective facial toner for my skin. Ever since I read about green tea’s ability to prevent UVB-induced inflammatory responses1 when used topically, I have been wanting to add it to my daily beauty routine.

Homemade Green Tea Toner

This homemade green tea toner feels great on the skin, without drying it out like some facial toners do.  It is a simple recipe and very cheap to create.  You will need: 

    • 8 oz brewed green tea (I used Lipton)
    • 30 drops lavender or tea tree essential oil

Bring 8 oz of water to a boil, and steep one tea bag of green tea for 15 minutes.  Transfer water to a glass spritz bottle and add 30 drops essential oil.  Shake to mix.   

You can use this homemade green tea toner daily.  Just spritz on to a clean face, and allow to dry.  

How to Treat Puffy Eyes Naturally with Tea Bags | homemadeforelle.com

Naturally Reduce Eye Puffiness

Since I was creating beauty products with green tea, I decided to try out another home remedy for naturally reducing puffy eyes.  I am a working, single mom of two kids, and I can’t always get in as much sleep as I would like!  I have woken up some mornings with dark, puffy circles under my eyes.  Instead of looking worn down all day, I grabbed two bags of black tea (I used Lipton Daring English Breakfast), steeped them for 5 minutes, then put the tea bags in the fridge.  Once they were cool, I placed the tea bags on my eyes for 10 minutes, and the puffiness was noticeably reduced.   This trick also works with green tea 🙂 

Be sure to drink the tea after steeping!  


Why I Choose Liptons

As a tea drinker, I am always cruising the tea/coffee section of my market, looking for new flavors to try.  Green tea is my absolute favorite, but I absolutely love lemon ginger herbal tea.  

lemon ginger tea

The lemon ginger tea feels healing and comforting when I am not feeling well, so I always keep it on hand.  

I love Lipton’s black and herbal varieties, along with their green teas for their wonderful flavor, bold aromas, and because they use real ingredients (an absolute must, if I’m going to drink it!).  

1Pub Med

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4 Responses to Homemade Green Tea Toner

  1. We drink iced tea with every meal, but I never thought about using the tea bags as beauty products. Thanks so much for these ideas. Definitely making that spritz toner for summertime heat and humidity relief.

  2. Crystal says:

    I love herbal teas, and I love the the great beauty tricks that can be played with teabags. Tea – it’s not just for drinking!

  3. Corinne says:

    Thank you for the toner recipe! I’ve been swapping out my store-bought products with homemade versions and I can’t wait to try this one. BTW, the tea bags really work on under eye puffiness!

  4. Susan says:

    I’m not much of a tea drinker, but you’ve caught my interest with your toner idea. I know my teen daughters (who are tea drinkers) will think this is fun to try.

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