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Moving with a Baby |

I just recently moved my little family across the state of New Mexico, and by recently, I mean yesterday!

I have two children, and my youngest is 11 months.  About 3 weeks ago, I accepted a new job, which relocated us 200 miles from the home we have known for so long.  I was apprehensive about moving with two young children, so I brainstormed and did a little research to make sure I had some systems in place to make the move as easy as possible! 

Moving with a Baby – Packing a Move Bag

Having a bag to keep in your old house, to travel with, and to have first thing in your new house is tremendously helpful.  Babies have unique needs, and you don’t want to be stuck running to the store when you’ve just unloaded your boxes to grab diapers!  I went to Walmart to grab everything I needed for my baby essential bag!  

Moving with a Baby |

I found a spacious and cute bag that would hold all of the baby essentials, and picked up a few other things that I knew he would need before, during and right after the move.  

How to Pack a Moving Bag for a Baby

You start with a spacious bag and add:

Moving with a Baby |

  • Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers – I packed a jumbo pack of diapers for my baby, because diapers are essential!  I love Huggies® Little Snugglers Diapers because they keep my baby’s skin clean and healthy.  I also love the wetness indicator that is included in the size 3 diapers, so I can tell easily when he needs to be changed.  When he was in size N-2, I appreciated the soft pillows built in to provide a cushiony layer of protection.  When he was in newborn diapers, I also appreciated the umbilical cord cut-out (also available in premie sizes). I picked up the jumbo pack for the lowest price of $8.97 at Walmart. 

Moving with a Baby |

  • Huggies® Natural Care Wipes – Both of my children have sensitive skin, so I love Huggies® Natural Care Wipes.  They’re soft, which is perfect for their sensitive skin, and they are made with TripleClean Layers that are thick enough for any mess.  I picked up a pack of wipes (64 sheets) for the lowest price of $2.37. 


  • Sippy Cup or Bottle – If you are moving with an older baby (6 months and up), pack a sippy cup of water to have for the road trip.  Depending on if they’re breast or formula fed, pack any other essentials needed. 
  • Snacks – If your baby is eating solids, I found having snacks was tremendously helpful, especially during the move.  Our move took 6 hours from the time we loaded in the car until we got to our new home.  Having snacks helped keep him satisfied in the car, and occupied while grandma watched him and the rest of us unloaded boxes and furniture. 
  • Lotion & Diaper Cream – You don’t want baby’s skin getting dry or irritated, so pack your baby’s lotion and diaper cream.  I actually packed my own lotion, so it was great to be able to use his when I needed some! 
  • Baby Wash – After all of the packing, moving, and exploring your new home, your baby may need a bath before the first night in your new place!  Having easy access to baby wash is very helpful. 
  • Books & Toys – This is helpful to have access to both before, during and after the move.  I know it is crazy stressful to move with a baby, and having things to occupy them may spare you a few extra minutes to get necessary things done. 
  • Extra Clothes – I packed most of my son’s clothes, and left a week’s worth out right before the move.  I did laundry the night before we headed out, so we had clean clothes for the drive and the first couple days in our new place. 
  • Other Essentials – Depending on the needs of your specific baby, be sure to pack anything else you want access to in a 48 hour period.  My son has been battling bronchitis for the past week, so I made sure to have everything I needed to be able to give him a breathing treatment, if necessary. 

Moving with a Baby |

This bag proved to be tremendously helpful during our move! I am happy we are in our new home, and I have plenty of things to unpack to keep us busy for the next couple weeks! 

Have you ever moved with a baby?  Do you have a tips to share? Leave a comment below! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine how hard it is to move with a baby. I know how stressed I get packing for my three little ones for vacation. Nice list, it’s important to have a guide like this because when moving, a lot of your stuff is tied up in boxes, so having this is helpful. Thanks for sharing your story Andrea! #client

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