I’m excited to share an amazing opportunity to get to know herbs!  Natural Herbal Living Magazine launched 10 months ago, and has grown to be an incredible resource to learn all about the medicinal and other uses of herbs.  

About Natural Herbal Living Magazine

Natural Herbal Living Magazine is a magazine that focuses on educating our readers on a deep and profound level with one herb a month. The issues average 60 pages and are loaded with specialized herbal information. You may think that so much information about one herb would get a little boring, but our team of authors and experienced herbalists keep the issues enthralling with recipes for teas, salves, DIY decoctions, and so much more. They really delve deep into the uses of each and every herb we cover with both love and respect for the herb of the month. 

What’s next for Natural Herbal Living Magazine

Over the last 10 months, people have requested print issues of the magazine. Currently, issues are e-mailed to our subscribers on the first of every month as a PDF file, but some people learn better when they can hold a book in their hands, make notes, and have a print version to work with. 

After looking at several options, we have found a way to print each issue as a printed book. These books will be soft covered with a glossy finish, include photographs as seen in our most current issues, and will feature a notes section so readers can keep their notes on each herb in their book. It is like a personal yet extensive materia medica for each and every issue. These will also feature the ability to be printed in a “drop ship” model, one at a time, and shipped directly from the printer to each and every person who orders. These will be available for as long as Natural Herbal Living is around.

How to Get Natural Herbal Living Magazine

We also plan to print our first year’s issues as a complete omnibus, from our very first free issue “Approaching An Herbal Practice for Beginners” all the way through this August’s issue, which is all about Basil. These first 13 issues will highlight our first year of work and will include a notes page, a nice index across all issues, and will be a hard bound book printed in full color.

This will be a limited print edition, and the only way you can get a copy is through this Kickstarter campaign.  By subscribing to the Natural Herbal Living Magazine via their Kickstarter campagin, you have a ton of different options, from a copy of any magazine you want, both the print and PDF version (a steal at only $12), to advertising options (for bloggers, retailers or suppliers).  

Get the Whole Package

Natural Herbal Living Magazine isn’t just a magazine.  They also have a monthly box that is shipped to your door, that gives you hands-on experience with the herb of the month.  I have been subscribing to this service since its first month, and can attest to the high-quality and value of the ingredients in the boxes.  Here are a few reviews on prior month’s boxes: 

To learn more about how to subscribe to the magazine or monthly hands-on box, visit

How about a free copy?  

If you want to check out Natural Herbal Living Magazine before you buy it, here is a free copy of February’s issue on Nettle! 

How about a giveaway?

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