Natural Herbal Living Herb Box Review

My good friend over at Natural Living Mamma, along with numerous other certified herbalists, have launched a new, exciting and interactive online magazine called Natural Herbal Living (NHL).

About the Magazine: 

Each month, the magazine focuses on one herb.  Here is what each month’s magazine may include:

  • Herbal monograph describing the history, uses, and safety considerations of the herb of the month.
  • Essential oil profile describing the chemical constituents, medicinal uses, and safety information.
  • Flower essence profile describing the energetic properties of the flower essences from the herb of the month.
  • Various herbal recipes from experienced and talented herbalists illustrating the many uses of the herb of the monthly herb while discussing other herbal allies that go well with it.
  • Ethnographic information about the herb, its historical and traditional uses.
  • Information regarding the seasons from planting in the spring, to harvesting in the fall, herbalists have always been attuned to the seasons. Understanding the seasonal pulls of herbalism helps us maintain a grounded view and a healthy relationship with the earth.

 Their Herb Box contains a variety of items, with accompanying recipes, that serves as an interactive guide to explore the many benefits of that month’s herb.

This month’s Magazine was all about Ginger!  I was particularly excited, because Ginger happens to be one of my favorite ingredients for its versatile culinary and medicinal properties.

My Herb Box contained:

Ginger Root

I received a nice-sized ginger rhizome, along with a recipe to make my own Ginger Tea.  Ginger tea is easy to make, has wonderful flavor and aids in digestion, as well as eases nausea.

Wild Ginger Flower Essence

Handcrafted using water, brandy and Wild Ginger Asarum canadense, Wild Ginger Flower Essence was included in this month’s herb box, and can be taken internally four times a day.  Ginger Flower Essence can be used to attract healthy relationships.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil has powerful therapeutic properties that can aid in circulatory, musculatory, respiratory and digestive ailments.  Included in the guide is a convenient dilution chart for essential oils.

(If you are new to using essential oils, please take a minute to educate yourself on the proper use and handling of them. Here is a great site to get you started.)

Ginger Chai Tea

I received a handcrafted, wonderfully fragrant blend of ginger chai tea in the box.  It is created from ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel and rooibos and is ready to brew.  There are instructions included on how to prepare the tea, as well as a recipe to make it at home.

Grade B Maple Syrup

I received a bottle of maple syrup, and an accompanying recipe for candied ginger.  It is a healthier alternative to candy, and has the added benefits of aiding in digestive distress in adults and children.

Powdered Ginger

Included in the box was a healthy dose of powdered ginger, which can be used to make tea (recipe available in the magazine), in cooking oriental and Indian dishes, or to make delicious ginger holy basil elixir (recipe also included).

How to Subscribe

There are several options to choose from:

  • A 1 month subscription to the magazine only for $4
  • A 6 month subscription to the magazine for only $20 
  • An annual subscription to the magazine for only $40
  • A 1 month subscription to the magazine AND the herb box: $44
  • A 6 month subscription to the magazine AND the herb box: $234
  • An annual subscription to the magazine AND the herb box: $468

No box will ever include gluten, nuts, corn, or dairy and great pains are taken to avoid soy as well, but the packaging cannot be guaranteed soy free at this time. All of their ingredients will be responsibly sourced, and they strive to find organic ingredients whenever possible.  If the herbs are not certified organic they will be ethically wildcrafted.

To order your first month’s subscription to Herbal Living Magazine, go here.

Want to win a 3-month subscription to Natural Herbal Living Magazine?

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4 Responses to Natural Herbal Living Magazine Herb Box Review & Giveaway

  1. Debbie Petch says:

    I am glad they do not include gluten, nuts, corn and dairy!

  2. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I learned that next month’s issue will be about Rose.

  3. Love love love what Natural Herbal Living Magazine and Subscription Box is all about! I recently started my herbal learning journey (right at the end of the growing more into the dying season for my area). I was rushing around 2 weeks post-partum like a mad women trying to collect as many herbs and plants to play with over the winter. This website will help inspire me and allow me to grow in my knowledge of medicinal plants and herbs!

  4. Catelyn says:

    It focuses on self-guided herbal education.

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