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“The Natural Herbal Living Magazine is an online periodical written by real herbalists who have a passion for sharing their love of herbal medicine, food, and fun. Every month we will focus on getting to know, and building a relationship with, one herb a month. By getting to know the herbs as individuals before using them in complicated recipes, we are able to learn how it works with us as an individual. By building a relationship with the plants we learn not to fear them, or be intimidated by them, but to use them as allies in our own wellness journey.”

I am excited to share this month’s Natural Herbal Living Magazine Herb Box and Magazine!  This month was all about roses, and I was blown away at how many different ways to utilize this coveted flower. 

The beginning of the magazine depicts the vibrant and fascinating past of the rose.  Highlighting its roots from Greek mythology to its use in spiritual practices in the Eastern world, I appreciated learning so much about the rose, and was amazed to see how integral it was to so many lives and cultures throughout history. 

The magazine goes onto describe its medicinal uses, from relief of menstruation pains, to fighting off internal infections.  The striking photography throughout the issue captures the true beauty and utility of the magnificent flower. 

Included in the magazine are ways to become familiar with the rose.  It includes recipes for rose tea, instructions on rose petal tincture, rose vinegar, elixirs and tonics.  If you’re wanting to learn more about the healing power of herbs, I highly recommend subscribing to the magazine.  The group of certified herbalists that write for the magazine clearly know their stuff. 

I wanted an interactive experience with Natural Herbal Living Magazine, so I subscribed to the magazine and the herb box.  In the herb box I received: 

  • Red Rose Petals (Organic)
  • Autumn Tonic Tea 
  • Solid Blend for Rose Face Lotion 
  • Oil Blend for Rose Facial lotion 
  • Wild Rose Flower Essence
  • A Mason Jar
  • An Interactive Printed Guide for the use of the box ingredients

I am anxious to try the Rose Facial Cream (directions were included), so on that note, I am about to turn off the computer and enjoy an impromptu home spa day.  Complete with some rose tea!

If you’re interested in learning more about Natural Herbal Living Magazine or want to subscribe, go here

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