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Natural Medicine for Children

It’s November, and we have already battled our first cold!  With Elle in daycare, and my husband and I working outside our home, we inevitably catch something this time of year. 

I was fairly fortunate to have Elle in private daycare up until 10 months, and she coasted through without so much as a cold.  Then, I put her in daycare, and exactly one week later, she was sick for the first time.  She had a cough, congestion, stuffy nose, and was running a fever.  As a first-time mom, I was a little panicked.  I ran out to the store, and looked at what the children’s medicine isle had to offer, and was a little freaked out.  I had never given my child candy, let alone anything else with artificial flavorings and food dyes.  But as I looked at the major medicine brands, I could clearly see that they were full of unnecessary additives that I didn’t think my baby needed… especially when she was already sick! 

I finally set my eyes on the Little Remedies brand.  Little Remedies was developed by a father, who was looking for effective medicines for his children, that contained ingredients he could feel good about.  Their philosophy is less is more.  For more information on Little Remedies, visit their website at LittleRemedies.com

Right on the box, I could see their medicine was dye-free, and contained no alcohol or artificial flavors.  I quickly grabbed the box, and rushed home to take care of my daughter. 

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Since then, we’ve battled many illnesses (pink-eye, the flu, and the chicken-pox, to name a few), and I have relied on Little Remedies to help get us through it.  I remember one time, when my daughter had a pretty bad case of bronchiolitis, we saw a doctor at the walk-in-clinic, since we couldn’t get in to see her pediatrician.  The doctor prescribed Elle a cold medicine, and when we went to the pharmacy to pick it up, I was told I would have to go to another pharmacy in town, because the pharmacy could no longer order that medicine.  


Apparently, some active ingredient in the cough syrup had been associated with several deaths in children, and so pharmacies weren’t able to acquire the medication anymore, but one of the pharmacies in my town still had some left in stock.  

I passed on the cough syrup.  Actually, cough syrup isn’t recommended for children under the age of 4 (just an FYI).  

So what is a parent supposed to do?  Well, I went the all-natural direction.  Little Remedies has created a 100% natural Honey Cough Syrup, made simply from honey, purified water, and e-polylsine (a natural preservative).  It’s for ages 12 months and up.  I have read countless articles on the health benefits (especially for coughs and colds) of honey, so it made a lot of sense to me that it would be the main ingredient in a cough syrup! 

Elle also battles allergies, so we keep saline nasal spray on hand at all times.  I love Little Remedies brand, because it’s gentle and can be used as often as needed, without any worry of drug interactions or harmful side effects. 

Paying attention to labels (whether it’s food, medicine, or bath products) is so important today.  I always look for brands that care about the ingredients they’re adding to their products.

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