My husband and I were having a disagreement over organic milk today. He believes that the organic industry is mostly hype, and there is not much difference in the milks, except that organic milk is more expensive. I believe that cows given antibiotics and hormones, who eat food filled with pesticides, will produce less healthy milk.

I also happen to believe that cows raised organically are happier cows that make happier milk. My husband would roll his eyes if I shared that opinion with him, though.


After the great milk debate, I started considering how others viewed my posts.  I share a lot of opinions both here and on my Facebook, and surely there are people out there, like my husband, who don’t agree with Organic Milk.  Or with real-food, or alternatives to modern-day medicines, or any of my other various posts.  Some people probably think I am a hippie, or extreme, perhaps even eccentric.  And maybe I am all of those things by their standards. There are worst things to be called, for sure. But in light of this, I wanted to share a little about myself, my philosophies, and where it originates.

My reasons for blogging are two-fold. First, it is therapeutic for me. It is my creative outlet, and I very much enjoy writing, and I love the things I write about. When I have a question about something, like a healthier way to wash my face, I do a lot of research to determine what the most logical approach is. Of course, I suppose logic is subjective, but most of the things I find work well for me. Writing pushes me to improve, learn and adapt to new, healthier situations for me and my family. Secondly, the more I learn, the more adamant and inspired I become, and I feel compelled to share and hopefully inspire others to examine their own lives.


I believe in equality, kindness, respect and consideration for others.  I also believe we need to treat our bodies with the same kindness, respect and consideration —

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”  – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Whether or not you believe in The Bible, there is little refuting the value in taking care of ourselves.   Furthermore, we need to show the same concern for our planet, and not trash and desecrate it.

That is why I write about green living.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t even follow my own advice, 100% of the time.  I wrote a post about the dangers of sodas, but I still drink 2 or 3 a week.  I write a lot about the value of eating REAL, non-processed foods.  My kitchen is filled with 90% un-processed, healthy, “real” foods, but there are some items in my kitchen that are processed.  And occasionally I eat out, and sometimes it’s fast food *gasp*.  Over Christmas break, I started using a commercial moisturizer on my face again, every though I knew better, and my face broke out because of it.

I suppose some people would call me a hypocrite for this. Does it mean that I don’t believe in what I write?  No.  I try hard, and do the best that I can do.  I make mistakes, I put my foot in my mouth on occasion, and I inadvertently offend friends while sharing my beliefs. But then I shake it off, regroup, and find more ways to become inspired to try again.

One of my many philosophies is that it is better to try and fail, than to not try at all.  I write with this in mind, and hope that if anyone out there is ever feeling frustrated or defeated in the absence of perfection, please realize that by trying, you are already succeeding.

And if you happen to have a stubborn husband who doesn’t want organic milk, just tell him to drink water instead 🙂

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19 Responses to No Use in Crying over Organic Milk

  1. Kerry says:

    At least here in Massachusetts, all milk is antibiotic free, whether organic or not. The only benefit to organic milk is the impact of sustainable farming to the earth.

  2. Rebecca says:

    You are right about organic milk but I cringe that you used a picture of Horizon milk for the organic example. Horizon is a joke in the organic circle. They nearly lost the ability to sell their milk as organic a while back and they haven’t changed much at all, unfortunately. Their cows have a life that is just as bad as the standard commercial milk producers.

    I’d like to encourage you to either seek out some local organic (not necessarily certified organic) farms to purchase milk from or look for more trusted brands. I try to but Organic Valley Milk if I can’t go local. As always research is the key. It’s easiest to learn about local farms since you can just talk to them but there is a lot of information online, if you have the time and patience to find it.

  3. Dagmar Finch says:

    From when the kids were little to the event of the parrot in the house – I have always tried to find ways to make my surroundings a little bit less toxic. I hang my laundry on the line, always recycle, use a lot of vinegar for cleaning and Hydrogen Peroxide, too. But there are some things you can’t get around – bleach in the kitchen and bathroom, a bathroom cleaner that actually disolves stains, flea and tick products for the pets – it’s all about the trying and being aware of your choices and the alternatives. Nobody is perfect and some things are just too time consuming to do every day. I love home baked bread but there is no way I have the time to bake every week. So just hang in there, you are making a difference for yourself and your child and a few other people in the process. It doesn’t matter what other people think – you have to be happy with yourself.

    • avaughan says:

      Thank you Dagmar, you are very right! It’s always a challenge trying to not take criticism or skepticism personally, but a great attitude and being happy will go a long way!

  4. Jennifer Holovack says:

    The entire reason I subscribe to your blog is because you share opinions that are similar to my own. If other’s feel that they don’t agree with you..then they don’t have to read your posts! lol. I completely agree with you on the “using logic/common sense” when it comes to being green/eco-friendly. My husband was a lot like yours until i started sharing some of the documentaries on Netflix. I guess for him, seeing it in that perspective helped him understand my opinions better. But i feel for you. It’s frustrating sometimes to have differing opinions in one household. 🙂

    • avaughan says:

      Haha, amen to that, Jennifer!!

      What a great idea showing your husband documentaries! We love Netflix! Do you have any documentaries to recommend?

  5. CyndiM says:

    Dear Andrea-
    I have known you for so long and realize we have not always seen eye to eye. Regardless, I adore you and Donovan, you are two beautiful souls. I just want to say your blog has changed me on so many levels! I am getting to know you in a different light and it is amazing! Your advice and well researched info

    on your topics have made me change my way of thinking and helping me improve my 3 sons life as well as mine! I love that you are thriving at your mission to live healthy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What your doing is brave and beautiful as are you!

    • avaughan says:

      Awe, thank you for your very kind words, Cyndi! That really means so much to me! I am so happy that you’ve enjoy what I write — I think that’s wonderful that you’re inspired to incorporate it into your family’s life as well. 🙂

  6. wendy b says:

    You are right about organic milk

  7. jodine quong says:

    i’m not judging you. i am most certainly not perfect either. i try to be environmentally responsible but i don’t always recycle even though i keep collecting paper, cans. it winds up in the garbage when it gets too much. i try to eat healthy, but find processed/fast food easier to get because i’m too lazy to cook and because organic/real food can be expensive. so you aren’t alone. i like your blog and you have some interesting things to say and i like the tips you give. you save me all the work of searching out this info myself…remember, i’m lazy. 😉 don’t give up and i’ll try to get more motivated to do more. lol. thanks for blogging and sharing. 🙂

    • avaughan says:

      Hello Jodine,

      Thanks for sharing — I think that’s great that you try to recycle when possible. So many people don’t, so that is great!

      Thank you for saying you like my blog, that means a lot!! I appreciate your encouragement 🙂

  8. Regina says:

    First I have read that Horizon is not a good organic company, but there are plenty that are. I like Organic Valley! I completely agree – milk is one item I will NOT buy unless it’s organic (I’m planning on trying fresh raw organic milk soon too!).

    I cringe when my kids ask for milk at family & friends houses and I refuse to order milk from the school since they can’t or won’t provide any info on it anyway.

    This Easter we also made the jump to organic candy & chocolate in my quest to become a 100% organic household. My SO isn’t a total organic believer either, so he gets all the “mainstream” candies and things that are given to the kids – lol!

    • avaughan says:

      Yikes, thank you for that tip, Regina, I will do some more research on Horizon, and I will check out Organic Valley!

      It is so hard to control what children eat when they’re not at home. It’s a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task, but it is great to take measures to provide your family with the best ingredients as possible.

      Organic candy & chocolate — I am impressed! We aimed for no food coloring on our candy, but that was about as successful as we got with Easter candy this year. It sounds like our SOs are similar 🙂

  9. Bohohippiemom says:

    You are not a hypocrite. You are real. And that is the best way to be. I can guarantee that even the most hardcore greenies “cheat” sometimes. 🙂 and it’s okay, as long as your heart is in the right place. Yes I try to live as green as possible, but I am not perfect at it. Still, I know I am doing what I can and that’s what counts.

    • avaughan says:

      Thank you, bohohippiemom 🙂 I am happy I am with good company! I agree – I think trying and not always succeeding, is much better than not trying at all.

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