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The first time I heard about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) was around the same time my daughter was born.  I was taking more of an interest in healthy eating, and was starting to see a few organic options at my grocery store, so I did some research on what GMOs are.  I ultimately decided that I wanted to give my family non-GMO foods as much as possible, and have kept that philosophy ever since. 

At the time I am writing this, it is not a federal regulation for food companies disclose if the ingredients in their products contain GMO ingredients.  As a consumer, and a mother, I feel I have the right to know if GMOs are present in the food I give to my family, but unless I buy organic, I do not know. 

Voluntary GMO Labeling

As this becomes a more prominent concern for many consumers, some companies, like Dannon, are taking the initiative to voluntarily label their products that contain GMOs.

Dannon produces some of the biggest names in the yogurt business, including Oikos, Danimals and Dannon brands.   By the end of 2017, Dannon is going to voluntarily label their products that contain GMOs, so that consumers can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Reducing GMOs in Yogurt

In addition to GMO labeling, Dannon is making grand strides to reduce the GMO ingredients in their products. They are going to great lengths to work with their feed suppliers and farming partners to plant more non-GMO feed, so cows can be fed a non-GMO diet.  As it stands, most of the cow feed in the US is genetically modified, so this effort is one I personally celebrate!

Once Dannon is able to get enough non-GMO feed for their cows, they will make Oikos, Danimals and Dannon with milk from cows that are fed a diet of only non-GMO feed.  They have even gone further and pledged to make all of the Dannon brand family yogurts with non-GMO ingredients, by the end of 2017.

How are they doing it?

Dannon works closely with farmers they know, and are taking the initiative to become the first leading national yogurt maker to create their products without GMOs.

In addition, Dannon is working with their farmer partners to implement animal welfare practices through the Validus Certification system. 

I, for one, am really excited about the changes Dannon is making. I find their willingness to not only voluntarily label their products that contain GMOs, but to go to great lengths to help support farmers in planting non-GMO feed is honorable.  I feel good about buying Dannon products, knowing that the dollars I spend are going to help a cause that is deeply important to me. 

Is eating non-GMO products important to you?




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8 Responses to Non-GMO Yogurt

  1. Salma says:

    I already love Danone yogurt and it’s great that they are doing this!

  2. Emmy says:

    It is always good when companies take extra steps to try and help us all be healthier.

  3. Nicky says:

    It’s great that companies like Dannon are voluntarily labelling their products. It’s a huge step in the right direction.

  4. It’s scary how much we don’t know about our food. I’m so happy to hear companies like Dannon are helping to make it easier to make informed decisions about what we buy and eat.

  5. Cynthia L says:

    Andrea, I had just read an article about this. It made me so happy. I have been doing a lot of reading on cleaning eating and am shocked at all of the ingredients that is in our food. I have always enjoyed the Dannon products and now will feel better about eating them.

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for your comment, Cynthia! It is shocking learning about all of the synthetic and artificial ingredients that can be in foods. I have gotten in the habit of label reading, and it is certainly eye-opening.

  6. Susan says:

    My oldest “baby” , who is in college, introduced me to the pros and cons of GMOs and like you, I’ve been trying to reduce them in our diet. I’m glad to know that Dannon is making non-GMO yogurt for us.

    • Andrea says:

      I think, if anything, we have the right to know what we’re consuming, so I love that companies like Dannon are taking the initiative to help consumers make informed decisions.

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