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Ever since my daughter was born, her nutrition and health has been important to me. It is actually what inspired me to start this blog!  Finding healthier alternatives for her, and my family, has been a mission of mine for the past 5 years.  Now that my family has grown, and I have a baby boy, I have been focused on finding organic baby food for him, as well.  I think it is so important to start off feeding babies and children a variety of highly nutritious food, so that they develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits.  

I live in a small rural area, so it can be a challenge finding healthy and organic baby food, or healthy kid’s snacks!  One place I frequently shop at is Albertsons, since they carry high quality fresh produce, and a variety of organic and healthy foods and snacks for my whole family.  Since I recently started feeding my baby solids, I was cruising the baby food isle, and found Sprout® Organic Crispy Chews.  While my son isn’t quite ready for the Crispy Chews, I knew my daughter would love them!  

Sprout Organic Baby Food |

As I always do, I flipped the box over to scan the ingredient list, to make sure that they’re free from preservatives and food dyes.  I was impressed at the variety of fruits and veggies that are in Sprout® Organic Crispy Chews!  The snacks include organic apples, organic peaches, organic apricots, organic carrots and organic oranges.  They also have little bits of organic whole rice flour and organic oat fiber, which gives them a crispy texture, and a tasty alternative to traditional fruit snacks. 

Sprout Organics Ingredients |

I grabbed a box of Sprout® Organic Crispy Chews, added them to my cart, and went to get the rest of my groceries for the week! Even though these are a “toddler” snack, they’re perfect for kindergartners, or even older kids!  They’re individually wrapped, which makes them convenient to add to a lunchbox, and kids love them.  

To be honest, I have brought a few packs to work with me, for when I get a sugar craving in the afternoons!

Organic Baby Food from Albertsons |

I was so excited to find another organic snack from Albertsons, to add to my pantry.  Finding snacks that use real, honest and pure ingredients is so important to me, as I am feeding my little ones.

Sprout® Organics makes a variety of organic baby foods and toddler snacks!  From single veggie and fruit organic baby food pouches, to blended yogurt and fruit toddler pouches. They even have organic morning smoothies and multigrain crunch bites for adults!  Check out their website to learn more about their products, and find a store near you that carries their products. 

Have you ever tried Sprout® Organic products?  Is buying healthy and organic food important to your family? 

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