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I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old, one of my favorite toys to play with was PLAY-DOH compound.  I would spend hours mixing PLAY-DOH colors and forming shapes, figures and even structures, and letting my imagination run wild. 

PLAY-DOH Town Collections

Now that my daughter, Elle, is almost 6 years old, she loves playing with PLAY-DOH toys just as much as I do!  I recently discovered that there is a new line of PLAY-DOH Town collections that cultivates hours of creative play for kids!

PLAY-DOH Town Collections |

Once we unwrapped the PLAY-DOH town collections, I was impressed with the variety of molds that each set had. 

The first PLAY-DOH town collection we opened was the PLAY-DOH Town Ice Cream Truck Playset.  Elle delighted in making toy ice cream cones, and labeled each color a flavor.  She used the built in molds to add play candy to her cones, and even made a PLAY-DOH toy mold of a popsicle. 

The first day we opened it, she spent 3 hours on this PLAY-DOH town collection alone.  She even grabbed an empty box, and created an ice cream cone stand, and asked me to place an order!  PLAY-DOH Town Collections |

The second PLAY-DOH town collection we opened was the Firehouse Playset.  Elle was able to put the whole firehouse together by herself (with my supervision), in just a few minutes! This playset features a puppy, fireman, water  hose, fire hydrant, and, of course, a firehouse. 

PLAY-DOH Town Collections |

The firehouse stands tall, and the front door opens to reveal molds to create more creative play.  Elle’s favorite part was being able to push PLAY-DOH compound down through the roof, to create a pole for the firefighters!

PLAY-DOH Town Collections |

The third PLAY-DOH town collection we opened was the Pet Store Playset.  Elle delighted in creating molds of multi-colored birds, kittens and other animals.  She easily spent 2 hours playing with this one afternoon, and talked about how she wants to open a pet store when she gets older.

PLAY-DOH Town Collections |

We have had our PLAY-DOH town collections for about a week now, and they have already provided hours of creative play and bonding time for my daughter and me.

PLAY-DOH is celebrating their 60th birthday this year with these exciting and new colorful town collections that give children a way to create adventures!  On September 16th, the world will be celebrating World PLAY-DOH day, where children everywhere can mold, squish and explore endless sculpting possibilities! 

PLAY-DOH Town Collections |

Did you play with PLAY-DOH compound as a child?  Share your memories in the comments below!

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3 Responses to PLAY-DOH Town Collection

  1. Salma says:

    We LOVE play-doh in our house too and this looks so fun!

  2. Crystal says:

    My kids have fun when I’m in seeing the dentist as they have fun Play-Doh toys!

  3. Susan says:

    I always loved playing with Play-Doh and my three children did, too. These look like so much fun and are perfectly developmentally appropriate play for children of all ages.

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