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Random Act of Kindness 05/09

Whew, I am on the 3rd installment of Random Acts of Kindness, and I am having a blast!! 

Read the past two installments here:

  • Random Act of Kindness I – the one where we left $5 bills throughout the supermarket, and offered up better parking spots
  • Random Act of Kindness II – the one where we donated to St Jude’s Hospital and left Easter Eggs full of money for the cafeteria workers at a high school 

I know the old adage says that it is better to give than receive, and I admit, I have scoffed at it a couple times.  I mean, my love language is Gifts, after all.  But I have been absolutely thrilled every time I start thinking about what Random Acts of Kindness we’re going to do this week.  It is literally more fun thinking of ways to help other people, than to get online and shop for myself or Elle.  And I’m not just saying that! If you don’t believe me, give it a shot yourself 😉  Be warned though — it’s addicting! 

This week, I had a ton of great ideas for Random Acts of Kindness! I narrowed down my ideas so I could focus on 4 Random Acts of Kindness: 

Buying a Gift off a Stranger’s Baby Registry

Baby Registry

I remember how much fun I had creating a baby registry.  (Again, Gift love language).  Babies are a wonderful, life-changing blessing, but ooh man, are they expensive!! Especially for first-time-moms who have to buy everything.  I decided I would buy a gift off a stranger’s registry as a Random Act of Kindness.  

I headed to Amazon’s baby registry, and put in a couple random last names.  I found Lauren’s registry, and felt a little connected to her, because she had awesome items on her registry like fragrance-free baby sunblock, and items to make baby purees from scratch (quick side note: if you are pregnant or have a baby on the verge of feeding, do a little research on Baby Led Weaning!).  I sent her an Infantino Squeeze Station.  I would have loved one of these when I was making homemade purees for Elle, had I known about it.  I hope Lauren enjoys the Random Act of Kindness! 

Leave a Gift Card at the Dollar Store

dollar store

Elle and I were shopping at the dollar store today for some Easter goodies, and decided to pick up a Subway gift card to leave as a Random Act of Kindness.  I printed out these fun notes to leave with the Random Acts of Kindness!  I thought about leaving it in the shopping cart, but the store was crowded! I finally found a clear aisle, and nested this gift card and note inside a bowl. 

Flowers on a Windshield


While we were shopping for groceries, we picked up a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I felt kind of ridiculious leaving flowers on someone’s car, and was unreasonably scared someone would catch me in the act!  I couldn’t decide what car to put it in, but then I saw a sweet little lady walking into the store as I was about to leave, so I pulled up next to her car, and left an arrangement of flowers for her.  You can’t tell from this photo (no DSLR cameras on my field trips!), but the flowers were quite beautiful! 

Notes of Love


While I have been having a blast doing kind things for strangers, it is equally as important to be kind to those nearest to me.  This week, I decided to leave my husband love notes in random places, every day.  It is very easy to take people for granted, especially those closest to us.  Showing appreciation and kindness to our loved ones can go a long way! 

Join in the Fun!

Random Act of Kindness logo

I would love if you started doing your own Random Acts of Kindness! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, or even cost any money!  Clean out your pantry and donate food to the food shelter.  Donate old blankets to the animal shelter.  Go by and visit the elderly.  There are so many ways you can make another person’s day better and reap the abundant rewards of feeling great by helping others!  If you want to use the Random Acts of Kindness printables above, just click here for a free PDF copy 🙂

Have you done any Random Acts of Kindness this week? Please share your acts or ideas in the comments below!!

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  1. Susan says:

    Andrea, I so love your Random Acts of Kindness ideas. It’s a wonderful trait you’re teaching your daughter.

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