Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness 05/23

Amelia Earhart

This is my 4th installment of Random Acts of Kindness, and I am super excited to share our newest acts this week!!  Read the other ones here: 

This weekend, my mom, daughter and I took a trip to the big city of Lubbock, and decided to spread our Random Acts of Kindness in the great state of Texas!

Tipping the Grocery Store Bagger

I don’t normally coupon, because most coupons are for processed foods or commercial cleaners that I don’t use, but I happened to find a pretty decent coupon for $40 off at my local market, and hey, $40 is a lot of money!  While we were checking out, there was some problem applying the coupon, and they made us wait for about 20 minutes to get it sorted out.  As you can imagine, waiting in a grocery check-out line for a 3-year-old is not the most exciting thing in the world.  The grocery store bagger was very sweet and gave Elle an Easter egg with a few treats in it, to keep her preoccupied while the checker sorted everything out.  She walked out with us and unloaded our groceries, so I tipped her $5 as a thank you.  

I actually saw her again this past weekend, and she brought our groceries out again, while the wind was blowing about 200 miles an hour. (Okay, well maybe 40, but jeez!)  I had another $5 bill on hand, and gave it to her.  She shook her head and tried to hand it back to me, but I insisted she take it.  She gave my hand a great big squeeze, and at that moment, I wish I would have had more to give her.  

Paying the Way at the Science Spectrum

They have a pretty cool Science Spectrum in Lubbock, where kids can have hands-on experience with some seriously cool gadgets! We took Elle so she could explore and learn, but we also left some money with the cashier to pay for the next few people after us! 


What were your Random Acts of Kindness this week?

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