Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

I have been wanting to start incorporating Random Acts of Kindness for a few years.  I want to teach Elle the spirit of giving and generosity.  And more than that, I want to instill some more kindness into myself.  

When I read news about what is happening around the world, and even in this country, there are ghastly, unbelievable stories of how people suffer.  I can’t even hardly read another story about the children in Syria, because it consumes me with sadness.  I may not be able to help in significant ways, but I can do small things to make other people’s days brighter, and hope that it will pass along to another person… causing a chain reaction.  

I believe that no act of kindness is ever wasted.

Twice a month, I am going to set a goal to complete a few Random Acts of Kindness, with Elle in tow, to see if we can help make our small town a happier place.  I will be posting our adventures here, so that we can hopefully inspire others to join our venture.  I am also brainstorming free ways to complete Random Acts of Kindness on a daily basis!   So here goes… 

Week 1: Random Act of Kindness

Hiding Money at the Market

Random Acts of Kindness Dollars

We decided to tackle a couple different things this week, to spread out the kindness.  First, Elle and I went to the a local store, with 2 $5 bills, to stash throughout the store.  I have personally found money on the ground before, and even if it’s a dollar, it always makes me feel happy.

I let Elle decide where to “hide” the bills, and she thought it was an incredibly fun game.  The first $5 she hid under a pile of clearance items in the baby section.  The second $5 bill was hidden under a set of dominos in the toy section of the store.  While we were getting our own groceries, I discovered that Elle had reached into my purse, opened my wallet, and was trying to fish out more money to hide! I gave her another dollar, which was promptly hidden beneath a container of oatmeal.  

$10 (or $11) isn’t much money, but we had a blast hiding it, and I imagine whomever finds it will have a little brighter of a day.  

Park Far Away

I have to credit a co-worker for this idea.  At my work, there are very few coveted parking spots and a lot of people vying for them.  One day, my co-worker and I had gone to lunch together in her car, and when we got back to work, there was a prime spot, right up front.  She passed it up, and parked father back.  I inquired to why she passed on the spot, and she said she liked to save those spots for the people who are older or have health problems.  Since we were two healthy young adults, she figured we didn’t need the best parking spot.  I was inspired. 

This week, I decided to park in the farthest parking spot from the building.  It helps others get better parking spots, while also offering some much needed extra walking for me! 

Diaper Drive

diapers 005

A local organization was having a diaper and wipe drive to help young, expecting mothers in need. We picked up a pack of diapers and wipes to donate to the cause. 

Leaving Change in Vending Machines 

This is a small gesture, but whenever I forget to bring my water to work, and need to buy a bottled water, I head to the vending machine.  The cost of a bottle of water is $1.50, so I will pay with 2 $1 bills, and leave the change.  That way, the next person who buys a drink gets an unexpected surprise!

A Large Tip

There is a drive-in fast food joint in my town where servers come up to your car on roller skates to deliver your order. I am trying not to eat fast food, but I will occasionally stop in for an icy water with lemon.  I ordered a lemon water this week and tipped the server $5.  I know how hard it is to survive on minimum wage, so now that my family is more fortunate, I feel like I can help others in small ways like this.  She said thank you as I handed her the bill, then a few seconds later, a more emphatic “Thank you!” Another small, inexpensive gesture, that I hope made another person have a little bit better of a day. 

So that was it for Week 1 of random acts of kindness!  If you have any ideas or suggestions for next week’s adventures, please share them in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Lorilei64 says:

    Our local Christian Radio Station (96.9KVMV) http://www.kvmv.org/dtd.php does the Drive thru Difference. You can go online to their website and print out a paper to give the clerk at the window when you pay for the car behind you. Our family practices this throughout the whole year!

  2. Stephanie Shipley says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you are doing random acts of kindness each month! I love the idea of “hiding” some small bills in the store. I’m sure it will really make someone’s day!

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