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It’s been a little while since I did my last random act of kindness, because things have been a little hectic around here! But this week, I have a few new #RandomActsofKindness to tell you about! 

But before I do, I feel like I should make a quick explanation. My hubby was saying that it isn’t a random act of kindness if I blog about it.  I think what he probably meant was that it wouldn’t be an anonymous act of kindness. 

I think that he is kinda right.  When I do my random acts of kindness, I try to be incognito, and try not to let the person know who the act is from.  So, I really do try to make it anonymous, although that really isn’t the point.  

The point is to make another random person happy, through acts of kindness.  It’s not about recognition, at all.  I am a little shy, and generally hate having personal attention on me in real life, so when I say it’s not about recognition, I am being very honest. 

So why do I share it on my blog?  Because I hope I am sharing good ideas that other people will want to try in their community.  I don’t want to be self-important and say I am trying to inspire people, but I would really, really love it if other people would start doing Random Acts of Kindness, and I think starting conversation about something helps accomplish that.  

So that’s why I am doing Random Acts of Kindness.  But, for full disclosure, I will say that I reap tremendous joy from my RAoK.  Doing these small acts brings me so much more joy than buying a new piece of clothing, or a new toy for my daughter.  It is thrilling and rewarding, and in that regard, I suppose it is a selfish endeavor. 

Anyway, enough about that.  If you want to see my past RAoKs, here they are: 

And here are my new Random Acts of Kindness: 


Ooh, the story of Eliza.  It pulls at my heart, and makes me cry every time I watch this video.  This sweet little 4-year-old girl is suffering from a rare, genetic and terminal disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome-Type A.   I have personal experience with rare, genetic and terminal diseases.  I had a younger brother who was born with Mucopolysaccharidoses – Hunters Syndrome.  (Sanfilippo Syndrome is a form of mucopolysaccharidoses.)  He lived a wonderful 12 years before he departed to heaven.  

Now the internet has a lot of bad qualities, but I love how social media brings people together.  As of the time I’m writing this, Eliza’s family have raised more than 1,050,000 to help fund a clinical trial to save Eliza’s life.  I am very blessed in my life, and willingly gave to help this cause.  To help sweet Eliza.  To help fund research to help other children with this disease.  I hope, if you find yourself with a few extra dollars, that you will consider helping her as well. Here’s where you can donate. 

Money for Gas


My intuition doesn’t always kick in.  Lately, it’s been a bit muted, to be perfectly honest.  But sometimes if I ask the right questions, at the right time, and actually listen to my intuition, I see opportunities will fall in front of me. 

Last Friday, I had my Random Acts of Kindness cash in my wallet, and as I pulled up to the gas station to get gas, I thought, “I should leave money”. 

Then my next thought was, “where?”.  I could tape it to the gas pump (self-service station, no attendant), but I had no tape.  I even checked.  Then I thought, “well, if it’s meant to be, I’ll find something adhesive”.  I looked in my purse, and my eyes gravitated towards the Wet Wipes (you know you’re a mom when you have wet wipes in your purse…).  Elle had ripped the covering off the wipes into 3 pieces, and two of the smaller pieces were a perfect size to adhere a bill to the gas pump. 

And as luck (or perhaps fate) would have it, I had put a small notepad into my purse the day before, and a pen, so I was able to convey the Random Act of Kindness message with the $20 bill I left.  Sometimes things just work out perfectly, and you know you’ve done something that you’re intended to do.  This was one of those times. 

I hope you’ll join me in my Random Acts of Kindness.  Give a stranger a compliment.  Hold open a door.  Buy a person behind you at the drive-thru a meal.  Try it, and see how great it makes you feel 🙂 

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