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Spice Jars for the Counter

I do a lot of tutorials and recipes on my blog, but this isn’t as much of a tutorial, as it is me showing off my new spice jars. And maybe you’ll like them enough that you will want to put them in your kitchen, too! 

Right before Christmas, I was wrapping presents and decided to rent a movie.  I watched The Hundred Foot Journey (which is an excellent movie, by the way).  In the movie, the characters treasure their spices.  They’re imported, and treated with great care.  They also use them to create some incredible food… and it inspired me to use my spices more deliberately. 

I didn’t take a before picture (I never seem to remember to), but I basically had 60+ spices, shoved unceremoniously into one of my kitchen cabinets, and I never used them because I couldn’t see what I had.  I used my go-tos: garlic, cumin, salt and pepper… but I wanted to elevate my cooking and truly appreciate the flavor that various spices lend to dishes.  I decided that visually seeing my spices while I cooked was the surest way to get myself to utilize them more often. 

From there, I went on a week-long search for spice racks for the counter.  There are some cute ones, but I really wanted large, see-through vessels where I could see the various colors and textures of the seasonings (to become inspired, of course). 

Plus, I should mention, I don’t have particularly nice kitchen counter tops.  They were originally installed when my house was built, in the early 80s, and were not top-of-the-line at the time.  They’re a beigeish Formica that I really am not in love with, but until I get $10,000 to remodel my kitchen, it’s what I have to work with.  Anything to help liven up (or add more color) to my counter tops is welcome! 

spice jars for the counter

I finally stumbled upon these adorable jars, and they were exactly what I had in mind. They are a little less than $2 a piece, so it wasn’t a huge investment for something that would (hopefully) pay off in my daily cooking.  

I originally planned to build some shelves for them, but haven’t yet gotten around to it, so I stacked them.  My husband made the prediction that they would fall, but they haven’t yet!  I have had them stacked for 2 weeks, and they’re surprisingly sturdy.  They also hold quite a substantial amount for a spice jar, which is nice.  

I bought some circular labels so I could print off the spice names, and label the tops of the jars.  I didn’t want anything obstructing the actual spices from my view, but circular labels on top ensured that I wouldn’t lose track of what was in each jar. 

So, that’s it.  My spice jar story.  I’m pretty happy with them for now, but still may build some narrow shelving for them in the future (if not for anything else, than to not have to un-stack and re-stack them when I’m using the spices!).  And perhaps, someday in the future, I will win a free kitchen makeover.  

Until then, these spice jars will suffice 🙂

spice jars for your counters

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