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Ecocentric Mom Box Reviews

Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box company for moms, moms-to-be, and babies.  These fun boxes are filled with goodies for the environmentally and health-conscious mom who wants to explore safe products for their home.  

Natural Herbal Living Box Review

Natural Herbal Living Box is a subscription box service that gets you hands-on experience and intimate knowledge of a new herb each month.  You’ll get an e-magazine filled with facts and uses for each herb, written by knowledgeable herbalists.  In the box, you’ll get samples of the herb along with other items to make several recipes, ranging from facial creams to healing tea blends.  

These handcrafted boxes are perfect for anyone who is wanting to live more naturally, and learn the healing benefits of herbs. 

Essential Oil Recipe Subscription Box

This is a new subscription box service that is ideal for any essential oil lover.  Each box comes with 3 – 4 full size essential oil bottles and numerous recipes for creating fun and therapeutic items using essential oils.  This latest month’s box included an essential oil diffuser necklace and bath bombs.  All at a very reasonable price. 

Other Subscription Box Services

I think subscription boxes can be so fun!  Below are some boxes I have been able to try out, and share on Homemade for Elle.  My favorite was probably the Homegrown Collective, where I got to try out some super cool recipes.  

I love to sample and share subscription boxes, so if you have any in mind, please email me at homemadeforelle@gmail.com!