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I had my second baby, Jude, three months ago, and he is as different from my first baby as night is from day.  I tell people that when my daughter Elle was a baby, she didn’t cry for the first six months of her life.  She was the perfect baby! She was so happy, she slept well, ate well, and rarely cried.  I think I naively thought I was a natural baby whisperer who made super happy babies.  

And then Jude came along. 

From the first night I had Jude, even in the hospital, he fussed.  All. night. long. I finally appreciated why people say that new parents get no sleep, because my sleep for the first 2 months was fragmented, usually in bouts of 1 hour at a time.  

He is a gassy baby. 

He has had some days where he had to be held all day long, in the “football hold” to soothe his tummy.  I have actually began to appreciate how toned my arms are getting from holding my little man so much!  But, all jokes aside, having a gassy baby is challenging.  They cry a lot, they feel miserable, and more than anything, moms don’t want their babies to hurt.  It is heartbreaking to see your baby in so much pain that they cry for hours on end.  

After that first month, I decided to try gas drops and gripe water to see if it could help Jude’s tummy issues.  I took quite a bit of time researching both, and finding the best brand I could.  Of course, I didn’t want any brand that added artificial colors or flavors to the medicine, because my newborn certainly doesn’t need to be ingesting that junk.  

Little Remedies

I was familiar with Little Remedies brand, and have used their saline nasal spray and honey cough medicine on Elle, and I love that their philosophy is to create solutions that have everything kids need, and nothing they don’t.   

Little Remedies makes products that support the health and well-being of children and infants and believe that “less is more”, so they use the fewest and most natural ingredient possible, while still making products that are effective.  Their products are always made without artificial flavors, colors and are free from alcohol.  I always feel good about supporting companies that care about the safety of the ingredients they use! Especially when it comes to products for children. 

Since it is summer here, I always pack Little Remedies gas drops in Jude’s diaper bag wherever we go.  There is nothing worse than getting caught in the middle of the grocery store, the park, or a public place with a screaming baby, and not being able to help them!  

From talking to my other online network of moms, it seems that gassy babies tend to respond better to gas drops or gripe water.  I have tried both, in an attempt to soothe Jude’s tummy aches, and found that both work well on him, but he responds better to the gas drops.  

Here is a little information on both, so you (along with your child’s pediatrician) can decide which may work well for your little one. 

Little Remedies® Gas Drops

Little Remedies® Gas Drops are created to gently ease stomach discomfort and bloating.  It is made without artificial colors or flavors, has no alcohol, saccharin or preservatives, and it helps relieve excess gas caused from food or swallowing of air.  

Jude will take the gas drops on their own, but the drops can be mixed with 1 oz of breastmilk, formula or other age-appropriate liquids.  

I always visit with my children’s pediatrician before giving any kind of medicine, and recommend all moms do the same.  

Little Remedies® Gripe Water

Little Remedies® Gripe Water helps ease tummy pain in infants.  It is a safe, gentle formula of ginger root extract and fennel seed extract.  It is gluten-free and alcohol-free, and helps relieve discomfort due to hiccups or colic.  

Have you had a gassy baby?  What tips or tricks did you find worked well to help alleviate their discomfort?

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One Response to Tips for a Gassy Baby

  1. Susan says:

    All 3 of my babies were breastfed and all 3 were gassy the first 3 months of their lives. The football hold with their behind raised a bit higher than their head and then rotating their behinds in a circle seemed to help. I totally get the toned arms chuckle with you. I promise that Jude will grow out of the gassy at some point.

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