For the last couple weeks, I have been following a series of challenges to live a more conscious, renewable lifestyle.  By taking simple steps every day, I am contributing to the preservation of our earth’s natural resources.  I am sharing my experience today, and hope that you may find a few of these helpful and try them this week!

Tips for a Renewable Lifestyle

Tips for Living a Renewable Lifestyle | homemadeforelle.comBuying Foods that come in Renewable Packaging

The first change I made at the grocery store was to select foods that came in renewable packaging.  Tetra Pak has developed the first carton package for shelf-stable foods, such as vegetables, beans, tomatoes, wine, soups and even pet foods.  These foods that traditionally come in cans or glass jars can be packaged in carton packages, which take up 30 – 40% less space, and have a significantly lower impact on the environment. The packages are made mainly from paper, which is a naturally renewable resource. 

I found this was an incredibly easy step to take, which has a far reaching impact! I also make a point to bring my reusable grocery bags, every time I go shopping. 

Tips for Living a Renewable Lifestyle | homemadeforelle.comTake Shorter Showers

Water conservation is a huge deal, especially where I live.  One of the recent ways I have been trying to conserve water is to take shorter showers in the morning.  This has actually been fairly easy for me, because I have small children that are often vying for my time and attention!

I found taking shorter showers was an easy adjustment to make, and helped me save time in the morning, along with water.   

Tips for Living a Renewable Lifestyle | homemadeforelle.comUse Renewable Mugs instead of Paper Coffee Cups

A few years ago, I used to buy and use paper coffee cups.  I have since switched to reusable mugs for my morning coffee.  I know paper cups can be more convenient, but the less trash I can make, the better I feel. 

In addition to helping the environment, I love this challenge because it also saves quite a bit of money, since mugs don’t need to be replaced! 

Tips for Living a Renewable Lifestyle | homemadeforelle.comWalk or Bike When Possible

With the warmer weather that I have been enjoying, I have been able to walk in lieu of driving.  I have found that when I am able to get outside, move my body around, and soak up the sun, it is a huge mood enhancer for me!  I am also reducing my carbon footprint when I leave my car parked.

More Ideas on a Renewable Lifestyle

Do you want some more ideas on how to lead a renewable lifestyle?  I encourage you to take the Tetra Pak happiness quiz.  By making small changes in your daily routine, you can have a significant impact on our earth, and boost your own happiness in the process!

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4 Responses to Tips for a Renewable Lifestyle

  1. Susan says:

    I love this packaging. I do what I can to live a renewable lifestyle. I use cleaning cloths instead of paper towels and use handouts my kids bring home from school as scratch paper. But I confess, that I’m not willing to give up my leisurely showers. I also use cloth shopping bags and save gift bags and ribbon to re-use. We all just have to find what we can do and make a difference that way.

  2. Crystal says:

    Great ideas! The popularity of Bento boxes certainly helps make reusing lovely containers even more fun, too!
    We try to reuse and upcycle things as often as we can…and as a bonus it also saves money if done correctly 🙂

  3. Scarlet says:

    Great green tips. Small changes like these add up fast!

  4. Psychic Nest says:

    These are some great and easy tips to follow! Now that Spring is here, it makes it easier for us to walk or use the bike, something that it was a little harder to do during Winter when the weather was colder, when it was raining or even snowing. Taking care of the environment doesn’t necessarily mean to do something difficult and all this thanks to your article!

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