I have a busy schedule. Between a full-time job, a toddler, blogging, cooking, cleaning, and my hobbies, it can be hard to keep up with everything!  It’s not always feasible to be on point, all the time, but I manage to juggle everything by being organized.  If you want to learn how to organize your life, there are some points below that can help! 

how to organize your life

How to Organize Your Life

Day Planner:

I write down everything I’m supposed to do, otherwise I will forget within 10 minutes of hearing/thinking it.  This helps me make sure nothing slips between the cracks.  Getting a good day planner that has enough room to write tasks by day, is a great investment. 

Structured Planning:

At the beginning of each day, I consult my day planner, along with any other thoughts in my head, and write down everything I am supposed to do that day.  Then I break my day down into 30 minute increments.  I “schedule” a time for everything that needs to get done that day.  If there isn’t enough time in the day, I prioritize the most important stuff, and the rest gets moved on to tomorrow.

  • Tip 1: Leave a little extra time open for inevitable interruptions.  
  • Tip 2: Make sure you schedule yourself sufficient “relax” time.  Taking time to enjoy life is crucial to having a happy life.


I am the queen of list making.I have a list of my 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year and 5 year goals. I have a list of separate goals for my blog and what direction I want it to go. I have a list of  goals for my health and lifestyle.  I have a list of miscellaneous things I need to do (clean out the top of the closet, blah). I have a list (budget for my finances, along with attainable financial goals. Making this many lists may not be necessary for you, but it’s helpful to make a few “to-do” lists or goals, so you know where you’re at, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. I make my lists on separate tabs in Excel, but you can certainly write them down if it’s your preference. I look at my lists at least once a week, just to check in with my progress. 

Lay out weekly clothes:

This is a great morning time-saver.  If you’re constantly running late to work, try this simple step.   Choose what clothes you and your children are going to wear for the week.  Make sure they’re cleaned, ironed and hung up or neatly folded.  Then you just grab your selection in the morning, and you’re ready to go!

Menu planning:

Creating a menu plan for the week is one of the biggest time savers for me. I fill out my menu planner on Friday evenings and make a grocery list, so I am ready to shop on Saturday. Then I know I have all the food I need to make it through the week, and I am less likely to eat out (which is unhealthy and expensive!). There is no scrambling to figure out what to make for dinner after a long day at work. A little bit of forethought can save you a lot of money, calories, and time. 

To help you with your organization, I have included a free Menu Planner!
Go here to print the PDF:

Free Menu Planner

Do you have any tips on how to organize your life? Please share by leaving a comment!

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9 Responses to How to Organize Your Life

  1. holy smokes, you do sound uber organized and I thought I was a list maker:) Love how you have goals broken down to 1 month and up. I so need to do that. I loose focus so easily with 4 kids.

    • Andrea says:

      Lol, I have a slight OCD streak in me, and I LOVE to organize 🙂 I imagine it gets more challenging though, with more children. I only have 1, so I am sure it would be a much different story with 4!!

  2. Pam says:

    My problem is I have tons of lists, and I often lose the list I need. 🙂

  3. Elise says:

    Lists make life so much easier! At this point in my life, with a nursing baby and a toddler, I don’t bother with time increments, all I can do is prioritize my list, and get everything done that I can. 😛

    Love your tip for laying out clothes. I think it would really help me to lay out clothes for my kids!

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, it is much harder to keep time commitments when you have a baby at home. They kind of set all of the rules 🙂 Prioritizing is such a valuable tool though, and ultimately, it is more important to spend quality time with children than it is to accomplish everything you need to that day!

  4. I really need to start laying out clothes….maybe as soon as we have room to I will! I’m a major planner and list maker too. My daily binder is huge!

  5. Cynthia says:

    I have always been a planner! I have lists for my lists! I think this is great! Thanks for sharing.

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